Healing from death — salvation of the dying dog (amazing video)

Wilson Martins Coutinho

We have long pondered over the submission form for that mind-blowing, shaking to the core material that I want to bring to your attention. As a result, more than 900 photos were selected and combined in chronological order in a video stream, is truly astounding.

The video, which lasts 8 and a half minutes, is a manifestation of the Miracle of the Lord, accomplished in front of you, and His Mercy, which God reveals and makes hands of his creation.

The metamorphosis taking place in the viewer's eyes are so expressive, that in addition to tears, navorachivayutsya eyes, I would like to sincerely praise the Lord for what he created his creatures, including man. Do not take 8 and a half minutes of your life and what he saw will blow you away!

No words, only need your emotions, to fully feel what is happening on the screen. Wilson Coutinho Martins (Wilson Martins Coutinho) saves animals in his hometown of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is known to have a deep sense of compassion for all dogs and other animals that fall in a difficult, hopeless situation.

After calling Wilson and his assistants went to rescue persons in distress in the dog; Found dog was in terrible condition: a deadly gaping wound and a serious illness had not questioned her impending death.

After 2 months of hard, exhausting struggle with the death of Wilson, his aides and doctors-the vets was won by a Dog named David, became full of life, happy and cheerful friend of Wilson, who will always be with him.

The whole world held its breath during the process of healing from the death that came with varying degrees of success. After David was rescued many hundreds of people began to come to Wilson from all over the world to embrace two friends prove that there is a God, and the good always wins with the right perseverance and diligence. Now David and Wilson live together.published

Source: www.dogtales.ru/?p=9158


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