How did the magnificent and inimitable rolls "Philadelphia"

Sushi mania can be described as the love of most Russians to ruletikom delicious with rice, raw fish, cream cheese and vegetables. Almost every weekend thousands of people in our country visit Japanese restaurants, or book rolls on the house. Some like Macy's, others "Green Dragon", the third – "California", etc. However, there is a dish is a favorite. We are talking about a hearty gourmet Philadelphia. Known to roll like the Russians in taste and appearance. One portion easily satisfy your hunger. To order a dish with a generous amount of fish and other toppings in Omsk at the link delivery rolls at home from "Porcelain" is from 11.00 to 00.00 every day. Serving Japanese dishes will enrich the body with vitamins, omega-3, phosphorus and other minerals.

The story of the famous rolls
"Philadelphia" is not the brainchild of a famous sushi master from Japan. A popular dish made by the unknown chef who lived and worked in one of the cities of Pennsylvania. I guess what kind of village is it? Of course, Philadelphia! However, not all people stick to the version that the dish was named after this city. There are those who connects it with Philadelphia cheese. This creamy product is added as a filling. Why unknown chef it is so named his culinary creation, is still unknown. By the way, today a lot of sushi masters use instead of cheese "Philadelphia" is not less tasty and popular "Mascarpone".
Disputes about the origin of the rolls are still ongoing, but proven by what follows:
  • country and city appearance;
  • creation period (70-e years of the XX century);
  • the initial composition.
What products you used while cooking the toppings? Light-salted salmon, round rice, cheese of the same name and nori. The initial set of ingredients was simple and it felt perfect.
Interesting: according to the recipe, "Philadelphia", the fish completely covers the nori. Why the cook decided to change the order of combination of ingredients? Americans are not especially fond of Japanese dishes which included the seaweed. The Creator of the food went to the trick and hid the nori under the salmon. Fillet fish looked very appetizing, it was difficult to resist the novelty.
The first experiments and formulation of modernity
Despite overwhelming popularity, the chefs sought to improve the taste of Philadelphia. So, I started an unimaginable culinary experiments whose results are not always pleasing. First decent "work" can be considered the dish with a cucumber. Pieces of fresh crunchy vegetable is really not enough stuffing rolls. The cucumber perfectly complemented the salmon and rice. This sushisty not stopped. During further culinary experiments they added a bit of caviar of flying fish and avocado. Created the modern version of the classic "Philadelphia". Today popular dishes analogues with eel and perch. All rolls served with soy sauce and ginger.

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