7000 km


I want to write a few notes about how we are in for 2 weeks of travel through the United States.

To begin with, now that the visa is issued is easy enough, you must fill out a form on the website of the Embassy, ​​to pay the fee 4200r, enroll and pass an interview. If the interview approve visa, offered to pay more for 100USD 2's (the default is given for 1 year). At the interview:
 - What is the purpose of the visit
 - Tourism.
 - Your visa is approved.

We were interviewed on Wednesday, and a ticket to New York had already been purchased on Friday, thinking that everything is done quickly ... then there was perhaps the only difficulty on all our way ...

Imagine our route:


At the interview, I outlined what we already have tickets for Friday and asked to speed up the process vkoeyki visa in the passport and transfer it in the Pony Express, to which the officer replied - "Mi no mOshem guarantee this, but I have put a marker on the urgency of your application." Well, I think everything is OK. It was not there ... in the natural environment has not changed (interview at 8:00 AM). Tickets were again on the morning of Friday, respectively Pony issues passports with visas the day after the 12-00, ie, Wednesday we learned that PT does not fly away and killed surcharge tickets for Security and waited Thursday hanging out at the CMC, on Thursday at the end of the day phoning the call center of the Embassy and we are there - no, your passport still in the Embassy, ​​all my attacks about the fact that we had tickets, and whether it is possible to tell precisely th ... I listened to probably nailed on the table script statements about the "official passports issued after 3-4 working days" ... but thank God 20-00 Thursday we still got sms the fact that the passports can be collected from Pony in PT, respectively, in the Security Council and the morning flight Transaero we flew to NY.

Why am I wrote it - to be put on these features when planning a trip "to the wheel."

The route selected on the basis of travel time, and maximum profit in the form of what he saw, so choose the direction MIAMI instead of LA, because travel was assumed on the miracle of the American automobile industry Chevrolet Tahoe, 5, 3L in the top of the range, and a trip to LA promised a few days away in the desert.

In general, all machines with a choice of easy - even in the Russian Federation can be ordered on the website of the company HERTZ car class, arrival airport and take him to hire for this if your visit will be less than 30 days, you can use the Russian "law." We were lucky that the car went like that, and even with a mileage of 11 thousand.

To come back then Options:

Rent for 14 days from the 3rd drivers 1600 USD
Petrol Regular - 3.25-3.75USD per gallon
Consumption for the whole trip was: 14L / 100 km.

In the photo the first stop of Philadelphia, and the first case - "to pay for parking."


They paid. And differentiated payment depending on the location (distance from the center, tourist sites, etc.) from 1 to 3 USD per hour. But every place has its own limit on the time, ie You can not leave the whole day, even if such payment. Limits from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours. In large cities, the car is not comfortable course - permanently attached to her. Or search for fixed parking for the whole day, but in the mode of road trip this is not true.



A very old city. Very neat. On the streets clean fun. I thought she was something more solid, strong, and turned over iskolyucheniem down town is very cozy and provincial.

A couple of pictures:



Those who masturbate on HA and "littered horizons" in the pictures, please do not express their opinions, they are known to me and deeply FSUs.




Walking through Philly, and that is how it is called the Americans, Sunday evening moved into Washington, DC.

Here there is an interesting situation, is in the state of Pennsylvania have laws under which beer is not sold in regular retail stores and is sold exclusively in the liquour storah to safely close at 17-00, the prospect of a trip without cold beer after a day of hiking frightened ... but the yield was found - we bought several packages in dive bar, albeit with a margin ... but there was no alternative. Later we learned that drinking in the car, in principle, prohibited and if the officer sees the open bottle driver licence otoberut. Another thing is that not a single officer for their entire trip, we have not met ...


Packing Budweizer 24x0.33 = 13 USD per Storey box 6h0, 33 = 15USD in dive bars.
Jameson 1.75L = 35 USD.

Photography - "what is seen as a native" shelf liqour stora.




On the way, we have always tried to stay at the entrances to the city, or who planned to visit the place, it is convenient in this format travel 2nd reasons: 1. To make the booking is not possible because you do not know when you get tired and go exactly where you will be night. 2. Cheaper. We used a network of Holiday Inn, after the number of impressions in the CMC for 100USD simply magical. 2-bed room with 2 dvuspalkami, telecom, refrigerator, iron, air conditioning, table for drinking beverages, breakfast costs an average of 100USD for two. Each room has a Holy Bible.

In Washington, we were met by the hot weather, the lack of parking near the national park, polite inspector who has dispelled our doubts about taraktovki Russian translation pointer NO Parking, familiar already clean, and a huge area of ​​the park with friends from the news and views of Fallout 3.


Washington. Washington Monument.


Washington. The building of the Federal Reserve, which is known as the vanguard of Putin's "printing press", "private shop" and so on.



White House.

Walk through the National Park of Washington from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial has been very tiring ekzersayzom, especially in the heat and humidity of significant wild that was available for just. Therefore council - can be to rent or large rollers. It is much more convenient it would be.


We go further - next stop is Myrtle Beach, - a typical resort town in South Carolina.

On the road.

The roads are fine. The whole country is enmeshed in a network of motorways. And one way is available from 2 (rarely minor) up to 5 bars. Speed ​​limit is 70 miles / hour. Most of the way we go on cruise control, now it is clear why you need it in the car. I for example 2 years driving between cities nirazu not used in Russia, because they do not need. Taha shows our consumption 14/100 km, because the movement is very ravnlmernoe and no overtaking m leaving on a counter. Every 20-30 km there is the exit of the gas station, fast food, hotel, laundry, shop. Without navinatora ride is not really even koreenym residents, a lot of junctions and directions. Roads have platnve and free, toll fee we pay electronic card which is built into the windshield, it is very convenient and fast. Price varies a maximum saw 15-20 usd. Traffic police on the roads there. Absolutely. But there is a camera on vmey track, and if it appears neadekvasha then pulled quickly. Fines are high, around 300-400 usd for minor offenses and up to 2,000 usd a major. There are areas where they are doubled.

In general, travel by car in the USA is very comfortable.


Myrtle Beach, SC

The people there. The water is warm, there was a small wave.


Myrtle Beach, SC



Orlando. Disney World.

We go further to Disney Land.

In order ...

Parking: 15USD.
Ticket 1 day: 85USD.

We drive ... Dreams Cams labor as the Grits


Orlando, Disney land

Never before Bartholomew Korobeynikov been so cruelly deceived © Ilya Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs».

Grab tickets, vypotrashivayut everything including water, food, fingerprinted ... get on the first train and go, come to the theme park «Magic Kingdom». It turns out there in the park 4th theme park ticket sold in any of them, but only one. Then we sat down and made a mistake on the first train ...


Orlando, Disney land

In general, this park is for children under the age of 10 years, amusement weak, a lot of people, because Disney for US children is very cool. Heat and water is 2USD for a small bottle. Attractions rather input on them arranged very interesting - paying an entrance fee USD 85 you get the opportunity to 1 times per hour to ride on one of the (horror of horrors) 3 rides: AIDS wei - cars traveling on rails, slides - the canyon with a lack of adrenaline , water descent - too messy. There is a steamer that goes in a circle, and panoramic train ... well, we missed the park. Those who have been in Spain in Porto Ventura - shocked by what is happening.

But again it is evaluating 30 years young and beautiful that because of lack of knowledge of the subject please do not go there.


Again the road. and stop in Boynton Beach, FL


The most striking thing in the United States. They are different. Open, relaxed, friendly, willing to help. Very punctual and ready for criticism. With a good sense of humor. Positive. Polite.

They - the basis of the US economy. And every citizen (on average) is far from universal philosophy about the fate of the world and know exactly its purpose and moves to it. He still Putin and Ivanov, the ozone hole and the starving in Africa. He needs to carry out its plan of Life. This is the essence.




Coast under MIAMI, again one people born Hurricane


MIAMI Beach.

Typical beautiful resort town with mozhestvom tourists and all sorts reavers their wallets. Striking lack of people on the beaches, not the season chtoli? But the weather is excellent and gives the water a little proladoy - air 33C, water 29C.


MIAMI Beach.

Beach Rules - everything that Russian is good - it is impossible. Neither you nor poshashlychit machine fit to drink any beer


More denёk bathe, sunbathe and go back.

In Atlanta, which is known to us that was the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan, the capital of the Olympic Games in 1996, and a large aquarium ...

It's cold ... after Florida




Chicago, IL

We go almost without interruption, except overnight to Chicago.

At the entrance to Cork


Chicago, Millenium park


Chicago, Millenium park




Buffalo, Niagara Fall

Great place, be sure to visit.


From Pyatigorsk probably someone marked


Beauty. On the other side all guessed Canada, and the view from there is much better, but the citizens of the Russian Federation without a visa to Canada banyat.


Well, the original - NY, NY

Central Park is huge and beautiful. For example, a cartoon by caricaturist here is 5USD, how much do you think the Arbat in Moscow))


Angle 42 and 7 minutes. The most famous crossroads of NY. Everywhere NYPD.



After drinking a cup of Guinnes (6USD) in the Hard Rock Cafe NY, walk on ...


Trinity Church, looks great - Gothic style in the background ...
skayroketing Buildings

Bull-famous Wall Street


Axis of Evil - NYSE

By the way there is really communist supporters rioted and the Wall Street closed


With an hour in line for the ferry, USD 13 and we are on Liberty Island.

Beauty and mesmerizing. View of Manhattan is perfect.


View Manhattan.


We are going to the metro (2, 25 USD) to 34 minutes. There's the Empire State. And for the most extensive lyubiiteley shopping store in the world MACY`S, with prices above Outlet truth ...


The view from the Empire State


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