Mini Cooper S, a replica of the car from 7000 nails

Exact replica of the famous vehicle Mini Cooper S built for the international exhibition of Berlin design week German sculptor Alexander Geissler (Geissler, Alexander). Delicate, almost transparent sculpture weighs just under 300 kg, and on its production the author was required neither more nor less than 7000 of the most common metal nails.

To create a copy of Mini Cooper S scale 1:1 the author has spent over two hundred hours of time in front of it for a long time studied the structure of the car, and as a result, the world saw the original sculpture "made of metal and air." Stylish, sleek, and shiny, like armor for a car made of nails welded together, sculpted a copy of the Mini Cooper S is the admiration, respect and genuine surprise not only to the skill of the author, but his dedication, patience and perseverance.

Art for art's sake, about the so-called work masters who do not carry any practical value, no philosophical subtext or pursue other lofty goals, but exist by themselves, independent and self-sufficient project. This category can be attributed to the Mini Cooper S of nails, and other copies are made of wood, cardboard and other unusual materials.

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