Mini challenged Porsche

Mini via the Internet challenged Porsche, offering to meet on the racetrack. The president of the US division Mini Jim McDowell, published in the New York Times full-page advertisement on and on Facebook posted a video message to his colleague Detlev von Porsche Platenu. He suggested that in fact, to find out which products steeper. In case of victory, Porsche, McDowell promised that his next public appearance, he wears a T-shirt with the inscription "We could not overtake the Porsche». And if you would be faster Mini - «We overtook Porsche». McDowell proposed to set Mini Cooper S against Porsche 911 Carrera S on track Road Atlanta, that far from the headquarters of Porsche in Georgia. This is not the first time that one challenge to another automaker. But as a rule, such proposals are ignored. But this time, the call can be accepted. «Porsche has more wins than any other manufacturer - flaunts company spokesman Steve Jennys. - 28 000 and the number is constantly growing. Maybe already 28 001. We need to see what they have started. " Experts believe that the Mini is little chance to survive in competition with Porsche. Regardless of the outcome of races, Mini nothing to lose. None of the potential buyers are not seriously considered miniature avtomobilchiki equal stars racing tracks, so even losing does not impact on reputation.


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