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Although these machines are sometimes compared with the aircraft (especially when on a high-speed highway they bypass you roar like standing), the founding father of the company, the Austrian Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche, 1875-1951) had little to do with aviation: except in During the First World participated in the development and production of engines for aircraft - airships and airplanes.

The most famous pre-war development of Porsche steel car KdF-Wagen (the first three letters - a reduction in the motto of the National Socialist Workers' Front «Kraft durch Freude» - «After the joy of Strength"), known to us now as the Volkswagen Kaefer («Beetle"), and racing car Auto Union Type 22. During the war, Porsche switched on creation of military equipment - he had a hand in the development of self-propelled artillery "Ferdinand" heavy tank "Royal Tiger", as well as several all-terrain vehicles and amphibians based and not released then wide series of "Bug". After the war, the designer had to pay for these activities eighteen months imprisonment, his health is strongly buckled, but when all the troubles are over, Ferdinand Porsche was able to return to a favorite cause.

The Porsche 356 A Convertible D 1959 model year. Equipped with four-cylinder engine of vozdushnoohlazhdaemym 1582 cubic meters. See 75 hp The maximum speed - 175 km / h.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1965 the presentation of the 911-gig. He wore his own name - the 911 Targa, prepared in honor of the famous Italian race Targa Florio, in which Porsche cars then were favorites. It is symbolic that one of the meanings of the Italian word Targa - «shield»: first Porsche 911 Targa positioned as "first safe cabriolet».

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche at work on the model of "911". He has created an instantly recognizable design of this machine.

The Porsche 911 Turbo instantly became a top model, to determine the strategy of the company for many years to come: Power, power, power! It grew, it grew, and the 911 Turbo 1995, all-wheel drive under the hood contains 408 rabid horses.

The Porsche 911 was the sixth generation of the world in 2004. Design again "preserve", and not much different from the previous one, the fifth generation. But power rose again! Thus, the new Porsche 911 Turbo has a capacity of 480 liters. s., and its maximum speed reaches 310 km / h. Like its predecessors, the car has four-wheel drive and standard equipment can be considered and the fullest: the machine is equipped with all conceivable options offered today Porsche.

November 4, 2006 began selling the car «Porsche 911 Targa» in the new 997th body. In his appearance dominates the glass surface, beginning with the windshield and rear ends in the rising glass. By pressing the button, the two electric motors, just seven seconds at any speed shifting under the glass roof of the rear window.

For the first time in its history, convertible Targa appeared in all-wheel drive performance. And in two versions - Targa 4 and Targa 4S. The second more powerful 30 hp and faster at 8 km / h. Against the background of all the other figures, this difference is not too impressive, but, according to dealers, and the happy owners of new cars on the road, it is quite noticeable.

So even though the years and go, but the legend continues - and the number of fans of the Porsche 911 has been growing steadily. Would you like to join?


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