Adrenaline River in the city streets

In the west, drag racing - primarily a contest of designers, transforming the once commonplace production car in the monster sprinter and chemists that improve fuel to achieve maximum power and dynamics.

Now back to the real street racing, that is to street racing. The main subject here - drag, that is racing in a straight line at 402 meters (a quarter mile). The rules are simple: two cars will start simultaneously on the same track, and who will come to the finish line first is the winner. Easy there, however, apparent. To develop a high speed in such a short interval, the pilot requires considerable skill. Often, not very powerful machine "do" mighty monsters mnogosilnyh only by the ability to squeeze the maximum out of the engine. Competitions these spectacular and readily available - everyone can come in his car and take part in them. The roar of engines, the excitement of the competition, music, beer and cash rates - it's all very attracts people who are not indifferent to the speed. The sea of ​​adrenaline!

Russian drag where as younger. The first races were held in the mid-1990s. Until recently, they were semi-legal and extremely scandalous. Events were held at night on a lonely road, were frequent conflicts with the traffic police. However, in 2002 there was the Russian Federation drag racing (RFDR), bringing together the organizers and enthusiasts of this sport from across the country and abroad. In 2004 in Moscow, Russia held its first official international competition in drag racing. Around the same time, drag has been included in the calendar of the RAF as an official sport discipline.

Alas, street racing is not limited to the official and more or less secure drag. His bad reputation he owes a special kind of illegal competition - street challenge. Rules of the competition vary widely according to the will of the organizers, but the general principle remains the same - consistently drive a few accommodation checkpoints. The choice of route and mode of movement is at the discretion of pilots. The one who arrives at the last control before anyone else. Naturally, on the observance of speed limits and other traffic rules it does not go. The stakes in these illegal races are quite high - as a rule, the winner gets the entry fees of all other parties, net of the organizers. In some cases, it is a sum of the order of thousands of dollars. And fly through the dark streets at top speed powerful machines, flying intersections at a red light, overtaking on the counter, hoping to reach the finish line before they were caught Patrol DPS. Rare race do without accidents. But the most unpleasant - in this race may be affected not only the participants, but also completely foreign people who are not lucky enough to be in the way of this "sportsman". I must say that all the official association of street racing - various leagues and clubs - in every way trying to distance itself from the challenge. However, these races are still held.

It is the original form of stritreyserskih competitions - drifting. The drifting (literally - "controlled drift"), the aim is to hold the car through a turn in the drift, without losing speed as much as possible to keep the car on the track. This requires that the driver is really serious management skills. Drifting is usually conducted in isolated areas, and is not a danger to others. May suffer only the pilot: Flip through the roof in this discipline are not uncommon.

Street racing stressed democratic. In order to participate in this movement, it is enough to have a car (any) and desire (strong). Not being a sports organization and union interests, racers take into its ranks all comers. Announcements about the ongoing competitions and simple get-togethers are posted on the websites of the leagues and the clubs, and to come to them is not forbidden to anyone. It is not necessary to participate in races or, especially, to glue labels - you can just have fun watching how other chase, and betting. But if you want "to burn rubber" on the drag - one will not hinder. States pay the entry fee and travel to the start. The brakes and the availability of seat belts checked only at official events, but more often it is on the conscience of the pilot.

The main difference from the street racing motor sport - in his complete openness and accessibility. Even to participate in the official vehicle using a simple drag and minimum of formalities. The rest of the competition - from harmless drifting to full criminal challenge - all conducted in a free and anonymous participation, there would be money for the entry fee. In no street racing sports categories, cups and medals. The prize winner is only the prize money and the respect of other members of the community.

Often, however, to roll in the semi-underground competitions, former racers go in a big motor racing. It has everything seriously - racing license, a medical examination, a specially prepared car with the safety cage, helmets and fireproof overalls ... All this costs money, and considerable, but the rate of disease is incurable!


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