9 facts about why the brand names are used in these figures

7UP, Chanel number 5, the Porsche 911 - who does not know these brands? But why "number 5" or "911"? Site wondered what these world famous tsifry.1. Why is Chanel «№ 5"?

Coco Chanel chose 5th flavor, prepared for her perfumer Ernest Beaux. The official launch date of 05.05.1921, the perfume was

2. Why is Heinz ketchup is called "57 species", although the company produces thousands of different products?

One day, Henry J. Heinz began to count the number of products made by his company. Although their number exceeded 60, the number 57 had him downright magical effect, especially because of the Group of Seven, has incredible psychological charm.

3. Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars in the world, but why "911"?

The original car was called the Porsche 901, but the Peugeot company is forced to change the name, saying on existing copyright on the three-digit model number with 0 in the middle. So Porsche just change the 0 to 1.

4. Why drink called 7UP? 81,817,275

Britvic, 7UP distributor in the UK and Ireland, says that the brand was named in honor of the seven major beverage ingredients. The drink was created in 1929 after the CL Grigg won the competition in the US for a delicious drink with lemon-lime taste. But his original name - Bib-label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda - it was quite difficult to pronounce.

5. Why has the number of Boeing 747?

After World War II aircraft manufacturer has divided its engineering departments at various numbered parts of 300 th and 400 th - for aircraft, 500s - for gas turbine engines, 600-e - for missiles and 700-e - jet transport aircraft.

6. Why is Jack Daniel's «Old No. 7 "?

This Jack only knows! The fire destroyed all the records that would prove one of the theories that can number 7 - the number of the state registration of Jack Daniel's distillery, or maybe it was his lucky number, and he had seven girlfriends.

7. Everyone knows jeans Levi's, but do you know the meaning of number 501?

Levi's company was officially registered in 1890. In the same year of the twentieth (industry term that means high quality) jeans with copper rivets was granted a patent with the serial number "501". Levi Strauss and Co. He admits he does not know why it chose this number. The company has also created a cheaper version of jeans "201" and other products to the three-digit numbers.

8. Universal lubricant WD-40 is very convenient, but why 40?

This acronym stands for Water Displacement 40th Formula. The grease was developed in the 1950s to protect the space rocket Atlas corrosion, but chemists have succeeded only with the 40th attempt.

9. Many people use products from 3M, but do you know why it is called the 3M? 89,046,049

Initially, the company called 3M Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (Minnesota Mining and manufacturing company). It is engaged in mining corundum mine Crystal Bay, but changed its business after it became aware of the limited availability of the mine.

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