Pictures of nails

Sculptor and artist Marcus Levine makes nails true works of art.
These masterpieces are depending on the number used to create the nails.
Here Marcus poses with one of his masterpieces.

All the works of Marcus Levin, presented at the exhibition in the Gallery 27 in London, made with only a hammer and nails.

Detail view on one of the pictures of Marcus Levine.

The exhibition opened on March 22 in one of the galleries in London populryarneyshih - «Gallery 27».

A major role in creating these sculptures also plays natural light. Morning and evening sun differently cast a shadow on the sculpture, changing them drastically. This work consists of 15 100 nails.

Marcus Levine with one of his works, which took 26,600 nails. This painting is for sale for 39,750 dollars.

On most of the works Yorkshire sculptor depicted the human body. Levin used nails to create a more abstract sculptures and inanimate, but he suddenly realized that the relationship "between the coarse angular nails and soft curves of the human body is incredible and will be evident».

Hammering nails into wood panels at different distances from each other, Marcus creates incredible pictures.


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