Nailing can be turned into beautiful drawings

Artist David foster (David Foster) – a true original. Instead pick up a brush and paint, he takes the hammer and nails... makes masterpieces in the technique of pointillism. Bitmaps of hundreds of metal nails are so wonderful, that they cannot look away.

Interestingly, modern masters has long nails used for different art projects.
David foster is an architect by profession, maybe that is why working with building materials slightly familiar to him than to the ordinary Arsenal of the artist – inks and pencils. Although the sketches he makes drawings with ink, and then taken to scale the drawing and transfer it onto the canvas.

Nail for nail, blow after blow – and on the canvas the image appears. Probably in his artistic career, David foster has managed to score more nails than any ordinary carpenter: usually for small paintings need about 5 thousand nails, and for large canvases – up to 30 thousand! The artist says that this method of "drawing" it attracts the simplicity of the drawings, which result. Moreover, it is always with surprise says that the human brain can interpret the minimalist sketches in such a way as to make the resulting picture as a full pictures.

With a giant street art from Polish artist can be found here.

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