Citrus fruits in the diet

Citrus fruits good for all – happy as a vitamin-mineral composition and taste of the fruit. Citrus diet allows you to cleanse your body and lose weight.

Helpful information To the category of citrus fruits include orange, grapefruit, tangerine, pomelo, lemon, lime, tangelo. Citrus diet allows you to use any of these types, but in practice the leaders are grapefruit, lemon, orange. All citrus fruits are extremely rich in mineral elements, vitamins (A, E, C), salts of potassium, zinc and magnesium. They contain fruit acids, fiber, carbohydrates. Citrus fruits accelerate the flow of metabolic processes, increase immunity, improve intestinal health, lower cholesterol in the blood. Due to the presence of antioxidants, these fruits serve as prevention of cancer, colds and viral diseases.

Citrus fruits, eggs, Diet citrus, egg has several options menu. The first technique is based on the alternation of all citrus and eggs. Throughout the day you can eat 1 kg of fruit and 4-5 eggs. Alternate the products you need with an interval of 2 hours. We encourage you to drink water and tea (2 liters per day). The program duration is 3-7 days.

Another version of the diet limits the range of citrus fruits, one grapefruit or oranges (3 to 5 fruits, depending on size). During the diet you can eat only the whites (7 eggs boil, remove the yolks). Alternate the products you will at intervals of 2 hours, the rate of fluid and the duration of the diet remain the same. 1 day diet leaves 0.5-1 kg.

Citrus, fruit, eggs, the Duration of such weight loss methods – 3 days. In the morning, drink freshly made juice from the citrus. For lunch, prepare a salad of kiwi and any other fruit. Dinner – a couple of rye toast, egg white omelet (cooked or proteins). To drink is water or diluted citrus juice. Snacks – grapefruit segments. For 3 days you can lose weight 2-3 kg.

Salads of citrus fruits Such a diet can be used as a counterbalance (make her 1-3 days). 3 times a day, prepare a salad of orange, grapefruit, Mandarin. Fill the dish low-fat yogurt or eat it without dressing. Can add to each serving with 1/3 portion of banana. Between meals drink freshly made citrus juice (dilute with water), tea with lemon balm, green tea (sugar falls under the ban). Fruit allowance to salad 1-1.5 kg. For 1 day out 0.5-1 kg.

Six day diet This method of weight loss changes the menu daily. The average weight loss is 3-5 lbs. the First 2 days are devoted to rye crackers (100 g), citrus (1 orange and grapefruit) and egg whites (use 1-2 eggs). The diet the next day allows you to eat citrus (1 orange and grapefruit), meat, boiled (100 g). You can drink kefir (0.5 l) and water (1.5 l). Day # 4 replace meat with fish (150 g). Allowed to Supplement their diet with 1-2 tomato. Days 5 and 6 increase the amount of citrus to 3 pieces (eat oranges and grapefruits). Also in the diet includes 150 g of boiled chicken fillet. The rate of water and unsweetened tea 1.5-2 l

Contraindications Any kind of citrus can cause allergic reaction (in this case diet is contraindicated). Other contraindications: any chronic and acute diseases, pregnancy, lactation, young age.

Reviews Citrus diet has good reviews – many believe this method effective, however, agree that to sustain its very difficult.published



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