How to stop being lazy and start living

I want to tell you about my way of dealing with laziness. To use it, do not need Herculean strength of will, does not need a special mentality, the possession of enthusiasm, a pain in the ass and Shaolin monastery. It is enough to perform acts that even the laziest person in the world.

Before proceeding to business, I will dispel the main myth about the concept of "laziness" This myth lies in the phrase "Laziness is when I'm not doing anything". This is complete nonsense. Because when a person says "I am lazy", he's not doing nothing, eating, listening to music, reading Newspapers and magazines, sitting in Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, choose a cell phone in Yandex.Market, etc.

All this action. Another thing is that when these actions take 6 hours a day, they begin to interfere with life. Therefore, a more correct definition is the following: "Laziness is a useless action." And now the actual method. It lies in a single phrase: "to stop being lazy, to do nothing".

I'm not kidding. I have been using this method for about three years. How do you use this method? For example, you need to take some action. You decide (and better — write it down), how much you thing it will start and how long will they do. Let's say you are starting to do it at 11:00 and will they do the next two hours (before 13:00).

At 11:00 you start to struggle with laziness, namely, to do nothing. That is, you stop all of the listed above things. Cease to do anything. Just sit or stand in the room. Lying is not necessary, this will lead the body into a state of sleep.

Soon (I have in the next few minutes) you will feel that you can work. The head will come the clarification now we have to do. And you will begin to do it.

If during work you again feel an attack of laziness — again cease to do anything. And soon again will return to a healthy state.

That's all. This method can be applied at any time for any Affairs. I repeat — nothing more needs to be done. No need to convince ourselves that we have to work. No need to "make a effort". Do not need more — you can't push your thoughts. Thoughts should be allowed to flow freely in any direction. If work is interrupted by a "stream of consciousness" is not scary. I specifically measured the longest of these "streams of thoughts" lasts 7 minutes. And ends, often giving you a useful idea.

And finally, notice that you can begin to apply this method not 11:00, and right now. Just stop to do anything.published

Author: Maxim Volkov



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