7 ways to use the stems spicy greens

After reading the title of this article, you probably think I'm crazy. And although you are not far from the truth, but now not about it. The fact that I love greens, love to eat it just like that, love to add it to dishes but really don't like is finely (or coarsely, depending on the context) of chopped leaves in the bowl are even and stems. Hard, often with a sharp taste of the stems in the dish completely kill a dish, how good it were, so for me this is a sure sign that the chef is either incompetent or he doesn't care what people think of it and what he did. I, of course, not chopping greens with stems, always carefully pluck the leaves, and I urge you to do the same. And when you take it for a rule, you probably have a question – where to put the stems. Of course, they can just throw it away. But if you want, they will find another, more useful application.

Sauces, soups, pickles and marinadesof Course, the most obvious way to use the stems – use them in dishes that they will be able to give their flavor, after which they can be simply thrown away. If you boil the broth (remember, I wrote a detailed post on how to boil the broth) or you can cook the sauce, they will benefit the most if they are prepared to add a bunch of, say, parsley. And here it is possible to do some stems and leaves to come up with a different fate. The same applies to a variety of pickles and marinades – you can add the stems, from which in the end will be easy to get rid of.

FryYou don't roast the celery in hot oil to bring out their flavor for cooking some dishes, so why not do the same with any other stems? The stems can be finely chopped and fry along with other vegetables to use them in any dish, be it soup of roasted peppers, risotto with shrimp, thick sauce, stuffing and anything at all. If the recipe involves fried onion and/or garlic, then it will be a place and stems.

To tie upWith the help of the stems it is possible to decorate dishes, but this should be done wisely. For example, stems from parsley can be anything to tie up some pancakes or “bundles” of young carrots, fish, vegetables and so on. Tear off the excess branches, leaving only the stalk then blanch it for softness and finish, now they can tie up anything. I believe you have a lot of other ideas of how you can use the stalks for decorating.

And green pesto oil

You are surely aware that the sauce like pesto can be prepared not only from the Basilica, and in General of any greens – parsley, cilantro, tops of young radishes and so on. But if supple and fleshy leaves of Basil are best to grind in a mortar, then the rest of the herbs best grind in a blender, which is equally well cope with the leaves and stems. To be sure, it is better to blanch the stems separately from the leaves, and then add the greens to the blender together with butter, spices and nuts, and punching until smooth. Similarly, you can make a fragrant green oil: blanch the herbs with the stems, add the olive oil, and then punch in a blender. The resulting oil can decorate any dish, just by adding a few drops on top. As for making pesto, and green oil will fit any blender, which you can buy including via the Internet (for example, Cuponation is now giving code words with good discounts on the purchase of equipment in Eldorado).


Well, everything is clear. My main complaint about the stems is their stiffness (especially those suffering with dill), but if they are dried and milled, the texture issue will disappear by itself. Ground dried herbs can be used as seasoning for soups, vegetable dishes, salad dressings and so on. For example, bake meat, I like to make every time a new blend of spices in order to grate it before cooking, and dried herbs in this mix are absolutely always.

Aromatic saltFinely chopped stems, you can mix them with coarse salt and dried, whereby you get a flavored salt, which salt can be any dish – it will be tasty, fragrant and beautiful. Of course, not necessarily confined to one stems – apart from these, you can use the zest of citrus, spices like cumin or fennel seeds, and so on. The base recipe for flavored salt I have already described in detail.

Cilantrothe cilantro in a sense, no luck – either love or hate, and I read that this is caused by the almost genetically, and to do it with anything. But if you belong to the first category, cilantro will open for you a lot of room for creativity, as it is a bit of an exception to the rule, about which I wrote at the beginning: the stems of cilantro – tender and juicy, and you can use them as any of the methods described above, together with the leaves. For example, guacamole cilantro may well be taken together with stems, but if you cook Thai Tom Yam soup or green curry, it will go the cilantro stems, pounded to a paste. published

Author: Alexey Onegin

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