Pit avocados — superfood for Your health

Avocado — very tasty and nutritious fruit, useful for our health. At the same time, we used to use only flesh, getting rid of bone in the core of the fruit. Is not hastily to part with it — stone the avocados can be an effective natural solution to skin problems, the treatment of pain in muscles and joints.

Why leave the bone? About 70% of all amino acids enclosed in the bone of the fetus, it is also rich in soluble fiber.

Useful propertiesPrevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, helps with high cholesterol and triglycerides and protect against coronary artery disease. Helps strengthen the protective properties of the body and promotes faster recovery from illnesses caused by fungi and parasites. Burns fat and promotes weight loss: nature laid so that the stone the avocados contain the essential substances that burn fat from the fruit flesh. Tissue composed of bone improves the food transit in the gut and brings a feeling of satiety.

Fixes: ideal for diarrhea and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Boosts libido and is a natural aphrodisiac.

Revitalizes and helps with exhaustion and fatigue.

Soothes pain in joints and muscles.

Prevents the development of tumors due to the content of flavonol.

Warns epilepsy.

Quickly relieves acne and boils.

Regulates the thyroid gland.

Has a rejuvenating effect as if internally and when applied topically, promotes the production of collagen in the skin.

Is a natural treatment for asthma.

Unfortunately, the pit in the avocado is very bitter to the taste. In order to use it inside, you need to remove outer brown peel and finely chop the inner part and bake on low heat. The contents of the seeds should be lightly browned and acquire a Golden-reddish hue. Cool and slightly dry, it can be ground in a coffee grinder then use as:Decoction: boiling in hot water for 10 minutes. Then the broth to chill and take in the day.

Seasoning or food additive for salads, soups, roasts, rice, pasta and other dishes.

Please note: abuse of the pit in the avocado may cause constipation bowel, because bone contains tannins.

Application for cosmetic purposesthe pit in the avocado can be used for outdoor applications. In this case its:

ground, mixed with alcohol and infused for weeks. This tool can be used for massage and rubbing of the muscles and joints. Migraine alcohol infusion gently rubbed into whiskey and the back of the head.

crushed and mixed with a small amount of hot water to a paste. This cream dries pimples and boils and heals the skin. It is necessary to put paste between two pieces of gauze and apply to the affected area for 5-10 minutes. The procedure can be repeated every day to achieve the desired effect.

crushed (not baked) and mixed with castor oil, then insist 1 day. After the product is used for gloss and Shine of hair and also to combat their hair loss. Apply the product on the scalp and gently massage, close your head with a shower cap and towel and leave the mask on hair for 1 hour. After the required time, rinse hair with warm water and shampoo.This mask is not recommended for oily hair.

grind and use as abrasive ingredientslist for skin peels (you can mix the powder with olive, almond or other natural oil). In this case, the pit in the avocado will help to scrub and tone the skin.

Oddly enough, the powder of the bone of the avocado mixed with cheese and flour will help to rid the house of rats and mice. published

Source: steptohealth.ru/kostochka-avokado-poleznye-svojstva-sovety-po-primeneniyu/


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