When you experience doubts, tell yourself the truth

There is no more important criticism than self-criticism. And there is no source of external endorsement, which can drown out the constant hum of internal criticism.

But negative conversations with yourself drives you to seek external support. And just one weak voice in the external ether, which agrees with your inner critic, your life went into a tailspin. And so the cure for the negative internal dialogue — it does not find unanimous praise in the outside world.

This is a hopeless way that disrupts your work, because you will dilute it in fear of this foreign critic, which enhances your inner critic. The cure for this is a precise and positive internal dialogue. In infinite quantities. Not manic Samooborona stupid is not a metaphysical Declaration about the laws of the universe. No, just stating the obvious truth of the mantra, which discards all the nonsense that your instinct takes you as the truth.

It is impossible to argue seriously with a negative inner voice or something to convince him that the world does not agree with him. All you can do is surround him with positive internal dialogue, drown him in it, to block it with concrete blocks work great, a combination of expectations, obligations and opportunities.

When you have doubts, tell yourself the truth.published

Seth Godin, the famous entrepreneur, marketer, and writer.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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