30 decisive "No!" That will bring confidence and peace of mind

Tired? You lose strength and peace of mind? Feeling confused and worthless? ..

Life is too short to deal with it that you hate; too short to be unhappy themselves; is too short to spend it in relationships that are not worth.
Fear of saying "no" to paralyze us. It forces us to accept what we do not want. But life at this time passes. And you feel that you have lost control over their destiny.

No one is going to fight for your happiness, so you simply have no other choice but to begin to fight for themselves. Live free. Learn to say "no».

1. Say "no" to the work that you do not like. Do not continue to work 9 to 5, if you feel that this is not for you.

2. Say "no" to their toxic relationships. Find the love that you deserve.

3. Say "no" to its internal borders. No one deserves life inside "the box».

4. Say "no" to the expectations of their parents. Your life - it's just your concern. Regardless of how it's risky - to go against the will of the parents.

5. Say "no" to the need to follow the other. No one needs to prove anything. And no one wants to listen to stories about how great you spent vacation. Stop follow all my friends, including his ex on Facebook.

6. Say 'no' to people who constantly need your help. Its time we must try to spend on themselves. And only sometimes - those whom you love.

7. Say "no" to a society that supposedly knows what you should do with your life. - Your task is to find your own way.

8. Say "no" senseless waste of your precious time. Make every moment meaningful.

9. Say "no" to the expectations of others. You do not have time to spend on those who value their time more expensive than you.

10. Say "no" cleansing diet. Just eat a normal, healthy diet.

11. Say "no" to drink, you do not want to drink. Drink at parties is not required. Especially if you do not like.

12. Say "no" to anything that you do not want to do, but allegedly "obligation». If any thing makes you feel bad, do not get down to it!

13. Say "no" to self-pity. It is better to focus on how to make yourself and your life better.

14. Say "no" fear of getting into trouble. a tough situation? Just clash with it and move on.

15. Say 'no' to those who tells you "the right path». Every person in this world - his own, unique way. Beware of charlatans and more trust yourself.

16. Say "no" to his broken heart. Instead of having to stay in bed and cry, try again.

17. Say "no" to the phrase "down to earth». If you give up on your dreams, your life will be wasted.

18. Say "no" senseless decisions. The fewer decisions you make during the day, the more productive it will spend. Avoid making unnecessary decisions.

19. Say 'no' to rationalize their fears. Watch your fears in the face. Do not look for excuses. Becomes stronger.

20. Say "no" to her strict diet. Carbohydrates also we need. Really. And fats.

21. Say "no" to your inner guard. If you want to know love, open your heart.

22. Say "no" to his nervous breakdown. When you're on the bottom, the only way that remains - only upward.

23. Say "no" to people who do not have time for you. True friends - those who change their plans, just to fit in them.

24. Say "no" to the pressure of public opinion. If you want, take your passport and fly away.

25. Say "no" to his request, and always plan everything. Best adventures - those that occur when you voluntarily give up the card.

26. Say "no" to their weaknesses and their authorities. Do not let the bigger fish impede your path to success.

27. Say "no" borders within yourself. If you feel that you are locked "cage", urgently looking for yield.

28. Say "no" to the monotony. The spontaneity - it's wonderful!

29. Say "no" to everything that is given to you easily. Learn to accept challenges and always strive for more. Let all around and tryndyat about the "simple pleasures" of life.

30. Say "no" to their fear of missing something. You are - where we need to be, and busy than they should do. Point.

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