Why do some people look younger than their years, while others - older

The US National Academy of Sciences released a study that has just confirmed what everyone knows: people really grow up first, and then aging at different rates. And, yes, some may look young for many years, and then - bang, and all "sharply passed»! < Website publish interesting conclusions reached by the researchers.

Researchers from Duke University found 100 volunteers, who were born in the same city in the same year. and make their photos at the age of 26, 32 and finally 38 years. And all passed the medical examination.

To calculate the biological rather than chronological age, the researchers used 18 physiological markers. The respondents have undergone medical examination, which included an assessment of the kidneys, liver, lungs, immune system, metabolism, analysis of cholesterol (high density lipoprotein), cardiorespiratory endurance, telomere length (regions of chromosomes that shorten with age). Then data were compared with the actual age of the subjects.

After 12 years, researchers have combined all the variables to get the whole picture, to answer the question: why do some people age more quickly, while others - more slowly?

To begin with: it turned out that this is so. Among 38-year-old respondents data on their biological age are very different from 28 years to 61 years.

And further. Independent group of people were asked to estimate the age of the study participants from photographs. Here, participants with a large biological age were perceived as older.

And the main conclusion is: how fast you age, only 20% depends on your lifestyle and the environment, and 80% - from genetics. Each of us has his own aging gene, and some people he is very active, while others - not very.

In 7% of the population have genes inherited from both parents, that make us look like 8-10 years older than his age. Other "gets" destructive lifestyle - like those guys that looked 38 to 60.

Another 38% of the people because of the genes in the middle of "old" their peers 4 years. In 55% of the population that genetic material does not occur.

Thus, the scientists were able to show that the aging and wear of the body are connected not only with the passage of time, the influence of the environment and bad habits, and heredity - some people are doomed from birth to early retirement.

So ... nothing can be done? Well, 20% - this is too much. So you decide.

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