The crisis of meaning: three exercises for those who want to live not in vain


A stone in the ShoeThere are two main drives that cause us to act: to avoid suffering and find happiness.

Work as a way to avoid suffering depreciated: Of course, we all have different needs, but fundamentally it does not change the picture. Today any work can survive, so we have to wait for more from her: she will make us happy. And most often this does not happen.

It is like a stone in my Shoe: when you run, fleeing from a predator, it will not notice. But when the chase is not, you feel uncomfortable with every step.

And a stone in the Shoe — our normal. Not because it should be, and because he is 9 out of 10 people.

10-20% of employees in Russia is quite satisfied with his work, the rest 80-90% will quit my job if I find something better — they don't feel that work makes them happy.

This is what I call a crisis of meaning.


What are we looking for when looking for happiness? In 2013 I was faced with a crisis of meaning. Decided that in any strange situation, we must immediately something to read. Great to come in "Strategy of life" Clayton Christensen, "Man's search for meaning" by Viktor Frankl, "the Flow" of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "Drive" Daniel Pink, "Delivering happiness" Tony's Neck and "Reflections on personal development" Ichak Adizes. I think these and other books that help to flesh out the subject of happiness, should become part of the school program. That's what I've learned.

1) Happiness cannot be a goal, it is a concomitant condition. The key is to set ourselves these goals and to achieve them so that this led to happiness. Think it is even more confusing, but actually, the conclusion is simple: it is necessary to clarify what leads you to happiness and you will understand what goals should be put.

2) Happiness is different. I really liked the scheme, which resulted in his book, Tony Hsieh. He identifies three types of happiness and shows how they differ in the force of sensations and sustainability.

Six million twenty five thousand two hundred eighty nine

Happiness type «pleasure» always involves chasing the next high. Studies show that of the three types of happiness it is the fastest. As soon as I bought the boat, began to dream about the boat more.

Happiness type «hobby» also known as "flow". A sure sign of this is the feeling that time flies. Streaming sessions you can do part of the work or a hobby and reproduce, so this is a more sustainable type of happiness.

Happiness type «destination» occurs when we feel a part of something more meaningful. By engaging in activities that are meaningful, we feel happy.

This scheme gives practical tips on how to explore themselves to understand what brings pleasure, sinks into a state of flux and what you see makes sense.

3) Happiness is a choice.

This is the Central idea in the thinking of Viktor Frankl. Each of us in any situation have the freedom to make choices and bear responsibility for it. External circumstances may more or less dispose of it, but we become happy when we choose to be happy.

Here are some useful exercises from Brainify for those that want to make their life more meaningful:

  Three sources of mission Guy Kawasaki, former Evangelist of Apple, says that the company will not be the source of the mission. They can move on yourself and find out what work for you, filled with meaning.

Answer at least two questions out of three:

— I would like to create, something yet in the world, but must you?

— Good I wouldn't give to disappear?

— What nonsense I would like to fix?

To better equip a piece of paper and write.

  Hunting for moments of inspiration This exercise can introduce yourself in the habit and do it daily. During the day, pay attention to the things that inspire you, and capture. This can be a video, a Billboard, an excerpt from the book, man, occupation — everything you see, hear and feel. Feel that something is hooked, record.

Aim for a week to score at least 100 points. Work well notes in smartphones, notebooks and stickers.

When I typed 100 points, analyze the recording. What conclusions about what you like, you can do? This video is about Fedor Konyukhov has inspired you, because you love travel or emission of adrenaline in blood? Write that letter you liked because of the tendency to write or love to find convincing arguments?

There were moments of inspiration is hiding what really gives the drive of your life.

  Envy in the good In this exercise, you need to let go and allow yourself to envy. Treat it simply as a source of information about yourself.

Make a list of 3-5 people that you envy (white envy). It can be acquaintances or people that you know from the media.

For each one write down: what they have that I would like to have you. Don't stop thinking about the material.

Think of your relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues, which they have. On that purpose, which they serve. Stroll through three levels of happiness, about which I wrote above — that should give an interesting thought.

Save all results that you get — most likely, this is just the beginning. published  


Author: Misha Mironov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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