The good doctor Aibolit

Night shift at the hospital and without test of nerves and physical strength. And when there are also some particularly outstanding, patients often occur stories varying degrees of hilarity.
Brought as a pretty rough night restless and well warmed "sick." Brought by his friends, all as the selection with gold chains, tattoos and other attributes of importance. "Patient" is located in the waiting room, which is located fingers and began to explain in detail duty nurse, what he was waiting for service from the staff of the hospital. She listened. Spate of work. Gained the doctor on duty.
A doctor on duty that night was a young man named Mike. Under two feet tall, one hundred and twenty pounds fighting weight and a haircut at zero. As often happens with such external characteristics - Welcome, like a lamb, and calm, like a boa constrictor.
But as the night was still rough, he lay down to sleep in the duty room after a major operation. Where is it, in fact, found the call "surgery - the emergency room! Urgent! "Enough stethoscope in the dark and sweeps half asleep in the waiting room.
Breaks. Focuses look at the patient. And he somehow immediately changed in the face and behavior.
-On That complain?
Yeah nothing, Doctor. Has somehow passed all.
And sideways, along the wall - to the exit. And on the other stenochke slides from the wild rzhacha nurse, pointing to the side of the neck Misha. Misha looks. And on his neck hangs a boiler. In tmnote confused. Well, the whole robe in krovische after surgery.


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