Top 20 lies in a woman's life

Not everything we were taught was true. Scary to think what secrets will reveal the age of sixty. Yet to sum up the interim results of our investigation.

1. This is because they are courting you!

No, they fight, pull your hair, break your pencils and vosout you dirty rag on the head. Take care of you the insecure, who always could write off homework and to borrow money for the cake with raisins. But they are not.

2. If the above ecogov sense, don't complain, don't bother anyone and it is certainly not come back. A top of the Olympus, where are the women who “self-respect”, for some reason, looks suspiciously like a place Mat for wiping feet.

3. The most important thing of uchitsa what do you mean, important? Which list important? Most importantly compared to what? Learn what? So those are the questions worth asking in a very long time.

4. The Kale is growing grognet. And yet, if you stick a cabbage leaf in my bra will stink terribly.

5. All the secret becomes animname just wanted you to be afraid to start Smoking and kissing. And because of the experience, it is really easy you fired.

6. “Never ask for anything! Never and especially from those who are stronger than you. Themselves and offer themselves will give everything". Yeah. And then catch up, and once again will give. 7. For every beautiful girls should be ugly podrugomu that the main goal women, of course, to make happiness some man. Therefore, friends need to find a way that they did not interfere. But there are two problems. 1. Men appreciate women in General and women's looks, in particular, do not like you. Therefore, there is a fat chance that the friend will leave with a knight, and you will remain one, but Oh-so beautiful. 2. We must be friends of human. And vysheozvuchennoy rule is plain disgusting.

8. True love is when skidoosh, passion, and the head does not rabotaet-m-m, no. Sometimes it's nice, of course, but it's not.

9. Most importantly, never screw with a man's brain what is the “floating brain” each man sets for himself. So develop the skill of telepathy. No guessing, oops, lost.

10. Is not frigid women, there are inept lubovniki say comrades, whose former could get an Oscar for the simulation of orgasm.

11. The woman looks as much as she chuvstvuetsia if this were true, cosmetic stores would have long ago went bankrupt.

12. A real woman needs a real man to dolgencorp should all forgive. Live your life, not the list of duties with any stupid sites.

13. The way to a man's heart is through zheludochno if you efficiently treat his brain, he on stomach ulcer agree ;-)

14. Here lose weight, and...first, do not lose weight. Secondly, even if weight is not important. Do all that set aside right now.

15. Jealous — so levitrabuy, so unsure of himself or the stigma of a gun. And the more jealous, the less it has to love. By the way, this applies to you.

16. With me he will be dragomoschenko, because his first was crazy, the second a woman of easy virtue, and the third was only thinking about the money. But you're not like that. Oh, how many new things you learn about yourself!

17. He's just such periodsit, he's just such a character. Always. Always-always!

18. They just dusastre. From school. And she pisses him off! Always like to drag in a stupid tavern and hangs his poor ears until one o'clock.

19. It's all the parent scenario somewhere for 20 years, okay, to 25 it was still possible to blame everything on childhood trauma. But now I have conscience, leave the parents their script, start writing your.

20. When you lose your virginity/have a baby/you're 30, your life is radically izmenitsya, people, pretty stable stuff. And some there first sex with a child, and especially a conditional date on the calendar we are with nothing to shoot down. Good or bad, but change the gradual. published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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