The energy of Love.

Love - is a living energy, are of the highest intellect, which is willing and able to help people. She understands that without neѐ life becomes fresh. Love understands very well that it was thanks to her divine beings are born in the image and
likeness of the Creator. That love may declare the person that she is to him that knowing eѐ once, people will look eѐ lifetime, and she is intelligent energy can not just come to him. But she never so do not go, because it Love. It is the purity and unselfishness.

True Love understands svoѐ mission on Earth eѐ thoughts are pure and lovely. Therefore, it comes to people with only pure thoughts. If you want to create a family for procreation, know that you come or pridѐt necessarily true love. And if you create a space where she can live, and provided that your pure intentions do not change it you will never leave. The space is - it's the trees, grass and flowers, this family estate where you zhivѐte joy with thanksgiving to God with gratitude and energy of love.
Love often thank for the fact that she is with you, talk to her - she can hear you. Energy of Love - this is the energy that sozdaѐt children Divine. This is what distinguishes man from animal. For animals breed with energy called lust.


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