Liquor - a great natural remedy, which was used by our ancestors.

Liquor - a great natural remedy, which was used by our ancestors.
It can be used for washing, washing hair, body and tableware.
This eco-friendly product - it has no preservatives, no chemicals, no all those hazards, which in large quantities found in modern media - he not only does not pollute nature, but also very useful - for example, use suds well-watered garden.

Preparing the lye from ashes. Of course, this is easier to do in your home, but you can in the apartment - take from friends or at the cottage.

Pour a third of enamel bucket of wood ash (ash wood is not the combustion of household waste. They say, better "works" ash hardwood trees than conifers. Especially - ash birch, alder).
Pour the ash with water to the top of the bucket, remove large particles surfaced. Further, there are options.

 - Give the ash brew in water 3 days (cooking liquor cold way).
 - To boil the resulting mixture until it becomes a soapy feel and almost transparent (to test the readiness of the mold may be slightly water bucket and evaluate its properties). While cooking liquor can be about an hour, maybe more.
The resulting mixture to stand, then carefully drain "water", so as not to hit the ash - this is the liquor!

Liquor necessarily diluted with water 1 to 10, or even more! Otherwise, you can spoil and skin, and clothing!

Just liquor useful for oral administration in various diseases, such as flatulence, cramps in the stomach, increased acidity of gastric juice and in particular in case of poisoning berries and bacterial toxins, and promotes the accelerated elimination of radioactive isotopes from the body.

Ash can also be bleached linen: boil it, adding a bag of wood ash. At the same time, and liquor will be prepared. It is believed that with this method of bleaching clothes not only spoils (as far as is possible in principle by boiling), but even becomes even stronger! (From the book by G. Ya Fedotov "Russian stove").

That is now a miracle remedy!


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