Natural remedy to stimulate hair growth

To care for curls is often used by various natural remedies. Shilajit hair is one of the most popular natural products that are able to accelerate their growth and improve the quality. This mountain resin filled with minerals, vitamins and acids that improve the metabolism and strengthen follicles.

Altai Shilajit is sold in pharmacies in the form of hardened resin and tablets. The tool is frozen in the form of a shapeless mass is considered more effective, because in it there are absolutely no impurities. Product tablets further enriched chemical components that allow you to take him inside. Although the capsules are also often used for outdoor use.


Properties and benefits of Shilajit

The increased blood flow. It is locally irritant mild. If mustard powder and tincture of red pepper very dry scalp, it gently heats it. Due to this, it also helps ingrown hairs and stretch marks on the body;

Activation of dormant follicles. Part of the mining resin include rare minerals and essential vitamins. They help "Wake up" frozen hair follicles, which significantly increased density;

Improve the quality of hair and strengthening them. According to trichologists and professional hairdressers, this product helps make the hair smooth and shiny. Acids included in the composition of Shilajit, smooth scales of the strands of hair, increasing their elasticity and Shine;

The acceleration of growth. Given that this is a very mild irritant, can expect the growth effect to 7 inches in a month is not worth it. The maximum result that can be obtained with masks for growth – 4 inches in a month;

Normalization of the sebaceous glands. Tired to wash my hair every day? Complete the course of treatment with Shilajit. In cosmetology this product is used to normalize secretions of the skin, removing inflammation of sebaceous glands and reducing their allocation;

Despite the dark color, the tool does not dye his hair. A girl with very light natural colored hair use it and no problems with the change of shade of no.

Hair masks with mummy

The simplest mask with mummy from hair loss is an egg. For its preparation you will need a chicken egg, 2 grams of the resin and 5 grams of saturated oil (olive, burdock, or sea buckthorn). All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, the resulting solution is applied to the hair roots. After you need to cover your head with a towel and wait 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week.

To strengthen and improve suitable mask with honey.

Here you need to take 1 tablespoon of the sweet tea and mountain of crushed resin. So the lighter weight was applied, the mixture is heated in a water bath or Supplement oil. This you can distribute on all length.

To improve the sebaceous glands, fit the recipe with milk.

Dairy products reduce the acidity of the scalp, and mumiye normalizes metabolism. One capsule should be dissolved in 10 ml of warm milk (best to buy a home). This solution is rubbed into the scalp and left for half an hour. Be repeated before every wash.

Resin interacts well with various oils.

For example, after dyeing, it is useful to make the night a mask with olive and Shilajit. One tablet crushed and connects with a spoon of heated oil. After mixed with any vitamin solution (recommended). Apply before bed, distributing the weight of the roots and length. Especially useful recipe for blondes or girls with Ombre, i.e., the bleached hair.

Brittle and dry hair can be treated with a mixture of resin and glycerin.

Two tablets dissolved in two tablespoon of water, and then thereto is added glycerin. The drug should be half of the final solution. Product is smeared on the hair and left for 15 minutes. It is not recommended to apply glycerin the mask on the scalp is affects the natural processes of hydration and in the future may cause dandruff.

Application inside

In addition to the masks, Shilajit can also be taken orally.

It is not a medicine, and biologically active component. It includes more than 20 trace minerals and essential acids, making it an affordable and all-natural analog of specialized vitamins.

The effect of Shilajit helps:

  • To normalize the pressure. This magic resin dilates blood vessels, prevents thromboses and varicose veins, increases elasticity of capillary walls;

  • Cleanse the liver. Shilajit allows in the home to ensure quality treatment of the liver after intoxication by alcohol or food. In this case, drink it in as activated carbon;

  • Accelerates the regeneration of brain cells, improves mood and stamina. Such action capsules are required essential amino acids, often lacking in the body;

  • Cleansing from parasites.

Notable is the fact that the resin tablets are prescribed even for pregnant and lactating women. They help to avoid postpartum deficiency and to improve the quality of lactation. The reviews claim that one of the best is the Golden mummy from the diet, which will help not only the hair but also the face, nails and body in General.

Before you need to speak with your doctor because the dosage of resin depends on several factors:

  • Health;

  • Weight;

  • The desired effect.


For an adult person is allowed to take per day 0.2 grams of Shilajit for weight up to 70 kg. The maximum amount – half a gram. For expectant mothers, the proportions are strictly individual.


Recipes for hair growth

Shilajit hair loss is the most safe and effective natural remedy available in the Arsenal of folk medicine. To eliminate loss simply RUB it into the skin solution herbal broth and resin. Hairdressers recommend a ratio of 2 tablets in a pint.

If the hair is not only falling out but not growing, you need to have a course of active procedures dioksidina. The main feature dioksidina is the ability to hold nutrients from the surface of the skin in its deep layers. It helps to enhance the action of active components.

Instructions on how to make a mask with Shilajit for hair growth:

  • Dimexidum, which is sold in a pharmacy the concentrate. Before use, dilute the liquid in water. The ratio was 1:10. Only then can you mix it with Shilajit;

  • 4 tablets of purified Shilajit (active means with a minimum amount of impurities) is crushed and mixed with Dimexidum;

  • Use liquid detergent for the night. Spread evenly over the entire head, cover with plastic and towel. In the morning, as usual, to wash the head. The result will be noticeable after a month of regular sessions. The recommended frequency is three times a week.


The addition of the mummy in shampoo

If you add pills Shilajit hair shampoo or habitual balm can with your hands to make a miracle remedy against dandruff and hair loss. For this approach both tablets and resin in pure form.

Recipe shampoo with Shilajit for hair

  • In 30 ml of boiling hot water to dissolve 5 grams of Shilajit. It is important to stir the liquid, otherwise the pill will stick to the pan. Capsules do not stain the dishes so you can cook the product in any capacity;

  • The dark solution to be added to any shampoo for Your hair type. Best of all, if he is without sulfate;

  • The tool thoroughly stir, shake, and leave for two days in a dark place. Use the same as regular detergent. A month later you need to change the principle of care – the skin and the hair will get used and the effect will not be;

  • After that, you can apply a moisturizing balm or conditioner to strengthen the effect and to emphasize the Shine of the strands.


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