8 myths about health and fitness

There are many legends and prejudices that go hard even among those who are already involved in fitness. Check, do not interfere with any of these 8 most common myths your progress.

Fitness trends, and with them the myths which appear and disappear. But, even appearing for a while, now, in the era of the Internet and social networks, they spread so quickly that the time to "infect" many people. Here the leash karakterne and rasprostranenie examples.

Myth # 1: heavy weights and few repetitions are the best ways of masonboro professionals For bodybuilding datacash its shape, it may be true. But not for beginners coming to the gym with the goal to pump as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Yes, working with max weights to failure in just a couple of repetitions will look impressive. But for muscle building it is better to use the traditional 10-12 reps and work with sootvetstvuyuschimi weights.

Myth # 2: Yoga — especially for women Yoga improves muscle vynoslivost and elasticity, and also helps to strengthen the core and correct posture. And it is useful for both women and men, and for all other types of activities. Flexibility and balance that yoga gives, prevents injury, including in weightlifting.

Myth # 3: Long session of low intensity helps burn more fat it's Completely wrong! A more reasonable choice for this purpose is high-intensity interval cardiorespiratory training. HIIT helps to increase and keep muscles and burn calories and fat hours after the workout — up to round-the-clock fat burning.

Myth # 4: you must Train every day For beginners is not only wrong, but also dangerous: daily workouts will almost certainly lead to peretino or even injury. For starters, it is best to do 2-3 times a week, and then decide how often you want to train depending on your goals. Remember that even a couple of exercises — much better than their complete absence.

Myth No. 5: the heavier the workout, the better the result the Share of truth in it: if you train hard enough, results will not be. But do not forget about that training are leash 20-30% success rate. In order to achieve a beautiful figure and good health, you need not only to be killed in the hall, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly — eat right. Without this, even training with full devotion will not work.

Myth # 6: strength training leads to paracatu strength training itself does not lead to muscle growth — but allows you to burn 2-3 times more calories than when cardiorespiratory training. It also leads to higher testosterone levels and increase metabolism, which also leads to increased burning of calories and fat.


Myth # 7: Home workouts don't work Is wrong! You can train at home as well as in the hall for most of the frame more difficult to force yourself. If you have enough motivation and self-organization, you may save on the membership to the fitness center. Get a minimum of equipment — a pair of dumbbells, skipping rope and so forth, and start training, where and when you want it!

Myth # 8: the most Important thing to fit into your calorie Does! 1200 calories of pizza or healthy food — two big differences, both in quantity and quality. In the first case it is just a couple pieces of fatty and unhealthy foods. And the second a full menu that includes lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber. That is, all nutrients that are required by your body to harmony and health. Only the choice is yours! published


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