7 most popular myths about fitness

Currently, there are a great many different training programs of their own body, and sometimes quite difficult to understand which of them will truly visible results. Fitness is surrounded by many myths and legends, some of them even believe in the so-called gurus sports training. We offer a selection of the most common myths about fitness. Myth # 1: To make the stomach relief, you need to swing a press
Effective for abdominal considered cardio exercise, diet and exercises to strengthen the entire body. Swing the press is harmful to the spine.

Myth 2: You can burn fat in any area of ​​the body
If we want to lose weight in a certain part of the body, we have to banish fat everywhere.

Myth 3: It is better to give preference to sports trainers, rather than dumbbells and barbells
Most trainers do not mimic the natural movements of the body, and their misuse will bring more harm than good.

Myth 4: Stretching helps prevent injuries
Recent studies have shown no benefit from the stretch, including the pre-workout stretching without, will not, and the chances of getting hurt will only increase.

Myth 5: All calories are equal
Healthy natural food, our body processes other than semi-finished products.
Foods containing less than 5 calories, are considered "calorie-free».

Myth # 6: Every day you need to drink 8 glasses of water
It's not necessarily just drink when you feel thirsty, and as long as the urine is transparent.

Myth 7: The more we sweat, the more fat we burn
Our body sweats to cool the body. When we sweat, it only means that we are hot.

Source: www.youtube.com


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