Healing hands — amazing technology

Knowing the point at hand, we can get rid of many ailments and their symptoms, from pain in shoulders and back from stress and constipation. Try these simple exercises and you will see their effectiveness.

1. Cold. To relieve the symptoms of a cold or hay fever, find the "pain point", which is located on the palm between the bases of the middle and ring finger. The thumb of the other hand for two minutes good massage this point in circular motions clockwise and against. This massage works well if you have a sinus headache around the eyes and nose. To clear a stuffy nose for a few seconds firmly squeeze the tips of the fingers together and then open your. Repeat the movement 5-6 times.

2. Pain in the back. The thumb of the right hand with a strong pressure along the entire swipe of the thumb of the left hand, starting from the bottom and ending with the tip of the nail. This part of the brush corresponds with the spine. Massaging her, you help relieve tension and relax the muscles that support the spine. In turn on both hands several times massage this Department, find the point of the solar plexus and gently massage it. This will help to relieve tension from the back and the entire body.

3. Pain in the shoulders. Find the "point shoulder" in the palm at the base of the ring finger and little finger. The tip of the thumb massage the point for a minute on each hand. Shoulder pain is most often associated with bad posture, so first we need to figure out what the cause of your pain. If you suspect that the reason is the inconvenience of the workplace, try to sit firmly on the chair, so the back supported lower back. If, firmly sitting on a chair, you still can't reach the back, put back under the thick pillow.

4. Stress. Often when we are nervous, sort out something with one's hands is a natural reaction. To get rid of the stress under which we are in a difficult minute, massage your palms as shown in photo. Also massage the solar plexus point located in the middle of the palm (see General diagram). With the thumb in a circular motion to massage this point for two to three minutes.

5. Headache. To feel instant relief, make a simple massage – poke the tip of the thumb and determine its most sensitive point, and then confident movement of the other thumb to massage this place. Repeat the same with the other hand. If headache persists, then the reason might be, back problems is bad posture, the tension in my back. If you often suffer from headaches, it is best to consult a doctor to identify the true cause of the problem.

6. The irritable bowel syndrome. Stimulate points affecting digestion, by conducting a curved line along the contour of the palm from the base of the thumb to the little finger. Massage in for 2 minutes, then repeat the same with the other hand. Another effective way to get rid of indigestion – stimulation of corresponding points on the feet. For this, the tennis ball put on the floor, step on his center foot and ride in circles for 3 minutes.

7. Constipation. Massage the palm diagonally from the base of the thumb to the little finger – here are the "points of the intestine". Massage one hand for one minute, repeat the same with the other hand. With these simple massage techniques can refill the "piggy Bank" methods of self-regulation of your health. And to benefit from the therapeutic power of hands.



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