8 companies are hopelessly stuck in the past

This may seem strange, but today in the world there are companies that release cassette tape, cowboy boots and a computer diskette. In our review of the company, whose products are already in the near future may become a vintage.

1. The last company in the world producing cassettes

National Audio Company (NAC).

Although in recent years there has been much hype about the revival of vinyl records, it appears that a thriving trade magazines. National Audio Company (NAC), based in Springfield, Missouri, despite all the advances of technology, continues to produce empty cartridges and cassettes with the music. According to Bloomberg, their strategy of "stubbornness and stupidity" has paid off. NAC sold 10 million magazines in 2014.

Forty million two hundred seven thousand seven hundred eighteen

      2. The company, which still sells DeLorean

Company DeLorean, a single model of car which became popular thanks to the film "Back to the future", is still alive. Although technically the company ceased operations in 1983 after the release of only 9000 cars, all the parts of which it is possible to collect 21 000 car eventually was sold to entrepreneur Steve Wynn, who moved the headquarters of the DeLorean Motor Company in humble Texas town. Today the company, which has branches all over the US and Europe, sells DeLorean, collected from old parts, at a starting price of $ 57 500.

Sixty four million six hundred ninety two thousand six hundred seventy six

  3. The last producer Zeltser in new York

Once sparkling water "Seltzer", which was delivered in colorful glass bottles with dispensers that were very popular. However, the convenience factor of the new outlets killed the business individual delivery. However, there is still Seltzer Works company, which opened in 1953, still produces Seltzer in new York.

Eighty one million nineteen thousand six hundred sixteen

  4. The company, which still makes cowboy boots handmade

Mass production bankrupted this producer of cowboy boots is handmade. Little''s Boot Company was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1915. Now 83-year-old grandson of founder Dave little still works in a small shop, selling boots snakeskin $ 10,000.

Forty three million four hundred thirty one thousand five hundred ten

  5. The company, which is reviving the popularity of the diaphragms

Caya company produced the first aperture 50 years ago. Now many people don't even know what aperture is and how it works. Despite the fact that these contraceptives out of fashion many years ago, Caya is hoping that modern diaphragm of silicone may be of interest to women who are looking for Bezkorovainy an alternative to pills.

Thirty eight million seven hundred thirty seven thousand one hundred forty


6. Company that produces arcade games

Dream Arcades, Rancho Cordova, California – the last company that mass produces arcade games such as PacMan that were popular decades ago.

Ninety seven million five hundred fifty three thousand six hundred fifty seven


7. Thatcher Farm still delivers milk for more than 100 years

Stubborn milkman.

The company Thatcher Farm from Boston delivers the milk to the house since 1891. Despite the fact that Thatcher Farm already not to breed cows, she buys fresh milk on family farms, and then pours it into a glass bottle and delivers all over Boston.

Fifty seven million nine hundred eighty one thousand eight

    8. The company, which still makes floppy disks

Athana manufactures floppy disk in 1971.

Retro fashion even in the field of computers. Athana company from California, which produces the floppy disk in 1971. Despite the fact that there are now stick on tens of gigabytes, there is still a huge market for 8 inch, 5 inch and other old-fashioned floppy disks. Who is the biggest client of the company? U.S. government!  published 


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Ninety million four hundred eighty six thousand three hundred forty three



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