How to cook mushrooms — a simple recipe

There are mushrooms, and there are easier — aspen Yes aspen. Like noble blood, Yes, thoroughly diluted. I remember they called them before "black" mushrooms because they are blue from the air, and when cooking so all blacken. And drying them is not too interesting taste and aroma, and the color is so... dark in General.

For this, and their dislike of Orthodox pickers — not in them clean from beginning to end. And if you think what is bad is that the mushroom color your changes? After all, eat the same black-and-gray mushrooms with a creepy name — "the trumpet of death." And then the mushrooms were really cute: assembled easily, under the leaves don't hide, look pretty, grow big. In a birch grove to walk for half an hour and the bucket is large and clean mushrooms. Well, it's necessary to know the place, of course.

To return to the cottage, pour on the table on the outside, and mount these beauties to shake off yellow autumn leaves, green strings of moss, drive modest small slugs be happy, found on the mushroom head traces a sharp squirrel teeth, to breathe the damp and prelosti, wilting forests, both tart, fresh, moist, slightly spicy and so familiar, smell .

And then, Podkopaev, pull a few bushes potatoes, shake the ground with small tubers, to wash, trying not to scrape the skin. Splash of water in a pan, put a bit large gray sea salt, a sprig of thyme to throw out there and cook the potatoes until tender. Drain the water, the potatoes aside to dry off.

And if there are onions garlic, it will be very helpful.

In sunflower oil in a frying pan fry until light Goldberry pretty feathers coarsely chopped onion. Put the onions sliced arbitrary pieces of the mushrooms and fry for 10-15 minutes, not forgetting to season with salt at the end.

In another pan, preferably cast iron, heat the oil, throw unpeeled garlic cloves, thyme sprigs and cook for a few minutes. Add small boiled potatoes in their skins, and fry, increasing fire, until it will turn brown. Sprinkle with coarse salt and fresh thyme leaves.

Put the cooked mushrooms and serve right in the same pan, Sizzling and fiery. Sour cream will be very helpful.published

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