Salad "Nicoise" with pink tuna

Nicoise – a popular worldwide salad French cuisine. In the classic recipe the taste of the salad determine the anchovies, tomatoes and olives. But the options applying for the title of this salad "Nicoise", there are many.



Tuna — 100 g
Artichokes — 30 g
Quail eggs — 2 PCs.
Cherry 30 g
Salad — 10 g + 10 g + 15 g
Olive oil — 15 g
Balsamic cream 5 g
Vitello sauce — 15 g
Olives — 10 PCs.
Worcestershire sauce — to taste
Tabasco sauce — to taste


1. To make the sauce vitello. In a blender put the anchovies and canned tuna.

2. Add mayonnaise, egg, chicken broth, sauces Worcestershire and Tabasco. Punching until smooth.

3. Tuna cut into small pieces.

4. Marinate in soy sauce for 15 minutes.

5. Quail eggs boiled and cut into halves.

6. Cut artichoke.

7. In a bowl, combine olive oil, balsamic cream, add a drop of Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire, whisking with a whisk.

8. Put in a bowl salad mix, add halved cherry tomatoes and pour with the dressing.

9. Tuna to sear on all sides. Fried pieces to cut.

10. On a plate, apply sauce vitello.

11. Put the tuna, artichokes, eggs.

12. Spread salad mix with cherry. Decorate with olives.

Salad "Nicoise" with pink tuna ready!

Bon appetit!


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