Fabulous interior 7 square metres

Turn a small number of meters, which has a nursery, a perfect Playground is not a fairy tale and not fiction, it is real reality.

Believe this reality will help designers who are real professionals, for whom even 7 square meters akin to the football field.

If you grew up and your dreams about life on a magic meadow, where every step you can meet fairy tale characters, are still important, but not fulfilled, will present this tale to their children, having their children in an appropriate style.

Even if you child decided to take the attic, you still get the bright colours will be the most rational decision. This combination of colors in the interior will serve as an excellent basis for the creation of most of this magical country.

The original puffs to give the room the greatest similarity with the magic meadow, it was decided to replace the conventional baby chairs, original puffs, decorated as toadstools and stumps.

The various elements in the form of leaflets, making these products very similar to the real thing that will definitely appeal to kids and allow their imagination to develop at full capacity. In addition, the mass of these puffs has a small value, which makes their movement easy and eliminates the various injuries.

The use of 3D-format the Various bulk elements allow to achieve the greatest realism and fully feel the atmosphere of magic that is present in almost every corner.

To achieve this effect through the use of MDF boards that are an excellent replacement of conventional plywood. The advantage of this material is obvious and they consist in low weight and ease of processing.

All the figures, in the form of grass, clouds, leafs and many others, were cut from MDF, then attached to the surface by means of nails and glue. This design of the walls in the nursery is quite impressive and does not require special skills.

The idea to draw the bottom part of the shelves in the form of clouds, helped to create the effect of soaring and weightlessness, and all their toys as if winking at the kid from behind the clouds, lifting him up.

Special sweetheart Special lamp decorated in the form of the sun, is a hundred percent hit in the captured image. Such a source of artificial illumination not only in the best possible way to fulfill its purpose, illuminating your child's room, but also serve as a great accessory, which is better in this situation just not come up.

It should be noted that much of the original decor and interior, will provide the functionality to create the interior and will give your child moments of sincere joy and surprise.

The combination of the external qualities and functionality of interior decoration In a fit of creativity, aimed at creating the perfect image, don't forget about the practical side formed by the interior decoration. System storage of toys and children's clothes in the spacious and open shelves are equipped with special baskets will allow your child to easily retrieve the necessary items.

Equipment instead of the special window sill shelf rack will allow the child to enjoy the outside beauty without the need of using different chairs and objects, replacing them.

In addition, such a rack can easily climb and with complete safety to get the toys or books on the upper levels. A variety of vibrant cushions are an additional element of decor and a source of good mood.

Such a world created in a small space will satisfy all the needs of children and will give them a real fairy tale.published


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