18 ideas for design home office

A Cabinet in the house should be well-organized. For its arrangement you will need comfortable desks, ergonomic chairs, bookshelves and, of course, proper lighting.

Home office, first and foremost, needs to be functional, so it was possible to work effectively, and in — between to rest comfortably. For this you need to organize and equip the room with everything needed. The first thing you should care about the choice of furniture. A Desk with plenty of worktop space and cupboard with drawers and comfortable chair and table/wall lamp is a required minimum that will be required necessarily.

Very properly this minimum set to complement the bookcase, which can be open or closed (Cabinet). This rack can replace the drawers, and beautifully decorate the wall. And, of course, all this furniture group need to correctly place. The best place for her near a window to maximize natural light. And it is necessary to consider the artificial lighting. It can be as table lamp and wall lamp and ceiling built-in light and even mobile floor lamp-a floor lamp. All of these things you can pick up yourself or with the help of the designer.

But the interior style is a personal choice of the owner. Nice, if the office will be decorated according to the overall style of the house or apartment. For lovers of the classics will fit furniture from expensive breeds of wood, such as oak, walnut and mahogany, as well as beautiful draperies on the Windows. If a person prefers the style of English classics, it is best to sheathe the walls with wooden panels, on which you can build shelves for books, and to furnish the Cabinet with a soft furniture made of leather, preferably dark and kapitonovna. And, of course, in a classical setting will never interfere with the fireplace, in extreme cases, its electric variant.

The fireplace will always create a cozy atmosphere and add prestige classic setting. Well, if the owner of the office is an avid modernist, here is the recipe of the interior will be special. You can paint the walls in white or grey color, creating the style of the art Studio. And the whole situation is to collect from the design of furniture and light. Today, the choice of the original tables and chairs from top designers and good brands is huge.

And if the space allows, you should set up a small relaxation area with a sofa or pair of armchairs, a pouf and a coffee table. And, of course, the office is fun to decorate. For this approach fine art and trendy decor. For example, one of the walls of the Cabinet can be allocated for abstraction picturesque large format or hang it by a series of b/W photos, and you can stage a fashion exhibition poster, or bright posters.

That is, the decoration of an office can be turned into a fascinating creative process. Go for it! Interesting options of home office presented in our photo collection.


Project author: Lyubov Piskunova

The spacious office is organized in two functional areas: a working area with a Desk and a relaxation area with a large sofa, inscribed in a recess formed bookshelf.


Project author: Dina Salakhova

Mini office became part of the open living room. He zoned with a small partition. The workplace is organized next to the window and next to a small shelf, the windowsill turned into a convenient table.


Project author: Irina Shakhova Photography: Ivan Sorokin

The office is tastefully decorated and uniquely equipped. The walls are painted in a trendy purple color, it became a wonderful background for white semi-sheer draperies and mirrored shelving with a silver frame, which creates the effect of the picture.


The author of the project: Workshop Mary Reznikovoj

The Cabinet is connected with living room and decorated in a modern style, Victorian classics: plaid Wallpaper and pillows, an elegant chandelier and paintings on the walls.


Project author: Elena Ostapova

A home office equipped with furniture in dark colors, light table and various appliances. Simply setting diluted the decor. On a wooden floor looks spectacular striped rug from Zebra skins.


Project author: Ksenia Eliseeva, Olga Simagina

Spacious office divided into two areas using furniture and colors. White work space and living area painted in a trendy dark chocolate range.


The author of the project: design Studio "Cozy Apartment"

Mini Cabinet is equipped with the spacious balcony. There is everything you need for work and creativity: the Desk and chair, table lamp, Roman shades from the sun and a great view from the panoramic Windows.


The author of the project: DIZAINAS, Yaroslav Usov

The office is equipped by the panoramic window and zoned with the help of finishes and a low podium.


Project author: Maria Marchenko

The office looks like a cozy living room. The interior is designed in comfortable grey and neutral tones, with elegant furnishings, draperies and a variety of light, including floor lamp, table lamp and chandelier.


The author of the project: Galina Glebova

The spacious Cabinet to create a super-functional space. Along the Windows is equipped with a long Desk, which was a continuation of the sills, a mobile chair on castors, original white shelving looks great against the wall color of young greens.


The author of the project: Stanislav Orekhov

The most spectacular element of the interior of the Cabinet — mounted ceiling exposed beams. They are not only retisert space, but also equipped zakarniznaya lighting. So that there is an effect of their soaring.


The author of the project: Krauklis Valery Photographer: Ivan Sorokin

The room is decorated in a modern classic style in soft grey and neutral tones. Work zone in front of the window and along the walls there are comfortable sofa and a glass-enclosed rack with shelf for TV.


Project author: Catherine Kolegova

Working area with minimalist furnishings, complemented by a sofa with colorful upholstery, vintage chest of drawers and a series of graphic sheets.


Project author: NG-Studio

Spacious office combines space for work and relaxation area. Desk with lamp and chair in retro style located next to a large window in the floor that gives a great daylight. In the monochrome interior is dominated by a large sofa with bright striped upholstery. Sofa set selected wall finish: ceramic tiles under the brickwork.


Project author: Elena Kislyakova

The room is decorated in a modern classic style and in a noble grey-pink scheme. All the furniture placed along the walls with patterned Wallpaper, a Desk with drawers located opposite the draped Windows.


The author of the project: Architectural office DIA (MAO)

The office is decorated in a modern style with retro elements. Against the white brick of the walls looks good, the dark wood furniture and cheerful colored curtain.


The author of the project:-Design

In the situation room stands a wall rack bright byryuzova color. He became the main dominant of the monochrome interior.


Project author: Elena Biruleva

In addition to comfortable furniture (desktop, chairs and shelving) Cabinet decorated. Bright Caucasian rug with diamond-shaped patterns resonates with unusual cross-pollinating rack with a red underside.


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