You will be easier to live if you throw out of the house these 3 things!

It so happens that you have a home — a cozy, wonderful. But you suffocate. Not literally, of course. To go there you do not want uncomfortable. And like the repairs done, but something is missing. So, the Chinese believe that it acts littered the space. And among other things there are three particularly affect the whole atmosphere. Hence the apathy and indifference to life and other people. In order to rid your home of negative and stagnant energy, immediately get rid of these three things.

1. Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers — dead flowers. They are like nothing else oppress your home. No wonder people say that living flowers for the living and the dead – for the dead. Even the most beautiful, fine workmanship bouquets irreplaceable the simplest of life-giving bouquet of daisies. Even the most ordinary living flower in the pot extends through the house the energy of life. So plant orchids, Phlox can be planted normal grass. And dead bouquets stay away.

2. Cracked crockery

It is also impossible to keep in the house chipped cups, plates and other utensils. It does not matter that it's not leaking. These cracks, the Chinese say, the battery is just negativity that is in the house and in the kitchen. From such utensils should be faster to get rid of, so as not to endanger yourself! It has long been the dishes were a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house, and hence the cracks on cracks in the welfare of the owners. Keep your whole, beautiful dishes that will fill your home with joy and happiness!

3. Old shoes and clothes

And the last old clothes and shoes. Worn, unused and something wrong things don't need to keep. You are not going to be good. It is much better to give it to homeless people or those who are poorer. Then it will benefit you and those whom you will give it.

So what else is talking about unnecessary things: if you want to get something new as soon as possible get rid of the old. And then on the vacant seat will come a pair of good shoes or a coat you've been dreaming of! published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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