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Interesting decor — the success of the entire interior. Decorating options are many. You can play with the finishes of floors and walls, and then add beautiful accessories .

The role of the hall in the General interior of the house is very important. It's the first room where we find ourselves, entering the house or apartment. And from the looks of the hall, it is possible to judge about many things: about the interior in General, and about the preferences and even the nature of the owners.

Decorating the hallway is, first of all, various walls and the floor. Earlier, in Soviet times, tight hallways, usually, does not particularly decorated. An accomplishment at that time was fashionable Wallpaper "under the brick", creating a romantic atmosphere of the Baltic cafes and bars. Today, the possibility of registration of the hall has increased incredibly.


Indeed, using finishes and accessories, you can create any character and atmosphere of the interior. Of course, to decorate the hall must be made in accordance with the style of the interior. If the entire apartment is soaked in the classics, and the entrance area must maintain a primary style. To do this is to paint the walls in bright colors, against which will look good architectural elements — classic pilasters, cornices, ceiling moldings.

Fans of Victorian classics worth pokleit wall with ornamental Wallpaper floral pattern or in the active strip. Not less options among the adherents of modern styles. First, you can decorate the walls in the traditional way, using Wallpaper, which are able to simulate any materials and textures: stone, wood, fabric or metal. Of course, today the most common method of finish — painting of the walls. You can create a calm, neutral monochrome, ideal for minimalists and fans of bright pop art choose something colourful and active. Indeed, using the bright colored walls can create a spectacular entrance area.

Colored walls in the hallway — it's a fashion trend. Another fashion trend — the author's signature. If you choose this way of decorating your hallway will be exclusive and unique. Of course, we must not forget that the hall is a room with no Windows. So you should not make it very dark, and if you still have the desire to create a dark interior, you will have to work hard with the lighting and consider the various light sources to connect wall and ceiling light or use zakarniznaya illumination. And, of course, the design of the hall is very important accessories.

The most important accessory any hallway mirror. Can be hung on a wall mirror in a beautiful carved frame, or to decorate the interior of a classic art Deco mirror, the sun, and you can purchase large floor mirror, before going out into the light it will be very important.

In addition, the hallway is very appropriate and a clothes rack. For example, the fashion designer in schematic form of a tree, such love Scandinavians.

Do not interfere here and original wall clock. Swiss brand Vitra delivers the funny dials that have become classics of design. And don't forget that the spacious entrance hall can be the perfect place for exhibiting art. Against white or pale-toned walls, it can be interesting to hang a collection chamber painting or series of photos. For example, the choices to decorate the hall, presented in our photo collection.


Cranberry color of the hallway wall was a good backdrop for furniture and doors and dark wood elements painted in white color.



In the hallway played out the theme of modern classics: tile floors, coffered ceiling, wall panels panels. Against the background of black and white finishes looks spectacular curly furniture: graceful console and a pair of medallion chairs turquoise.



The wall of the hallway is decorated as a red-brickwork. In a large floor mirror reflects the white kitchen, which signals that we are in an open loft.



The main attractions of the monochrome interior hallway: with quality finishes (ceramic and glass), a designer hanger and glass blocks that look like wall panels.



In the design of hallway is used a variety of quality finishes: natural wood and stone, painting a "Venetian plaster", an imitation of a bricklaying. Composition elegant furniture and accessories in the spirit of modern classics.



White minimalist spacious hallway the authors of the project is diluted by the author's design: unique wall coat rack, bench with cushions and wicker boxes.



The spacious hallway played out the elegant neo-art Deco. It is based on expensive finishes: marble floor, walls and door of inlaid wood, leather upholstery puffs. A great addition was a mirror-the sun — art Deco classic.


Monochrome minimalism is a spacious hallway diluted with three parts: elegant stools, built-in wall mirrors and large paintings in the spirit of Mark Rothko.



The decor combines gray-white marble floor, blue painted walls of the entrance area and wall panels, dark wood panels that look like raised panels.



All the walls of the spacious hallway decorated with white panels with classic panels. They fit perfectly mirrors and colored painting.



Gray walls and minimalist hallway floors became the perfect background for bright design furniture: white chair-origami, red banquettes and fun hanger.



The basis of the decorative decision of the hallway became a fashionable dark chocolate range. "Chocolate walls" with white parts, lamps and mirrors, which expand the space.



Decorative main findings of this hallway — mirrored doors and a wide wall painting. Great idea on the painted yellow trees to hang bags and caps.



A spacious hall decorated in the style of modern classics and well painted. Rich gray-green walls, white doors and wall cabinets, black parquet floors. Elegant and fashionable. published

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