To accept with gratitude the fact that there are 16 secrets of a happy tomorrow!

I live normally, like all people, but at the same time I'm a very unusual person. I have achievements in all important spheres of life: in the family – two kids, which I can do without harm to them and their psyche; in his personal life – a husband who never gives me gold and diamonds, but always supports me in my endeavors and allows you to be yourself, it's easy for me, it distorts me.

Career and self-realization of his psychological study and private practice, which many specialists are opened only in a "Mature" age, I work by your author's method and the people who come to me, become my friends.

In the financial sector I just enough, maybe for someone this is not enough, but enough for me and I expand your possibilities, not by putting a priority on life only a cash resource. I have real friends – people with whom I grow that are worthy of me, and I try to be worthy of communicating with them...

I am a happy person because I learned to think with the heart. Tonight he woke up and looked out the window, I realized that in my life, miracles happen. Every day is filled with the sense that the meaning of life itself, and not the achievements. All I have achieved is the results of a harmonious interaction with the world and people. That's what we planned for the birth on earth, to flourish and to be the purpose of creation. And anyone can do it...



How to achieve Your own success? I want to share with you a few secrets that opened up to me in the process of understanding life:

1. "Stop whining". It start first with the changes. While we focus on negativity, we radiate information negativity, Walsh, in his book "Conversations with God" writes: "Think of yourself best your thoughts. Think about others the best idea". And as you know, as you sow, so shall you reap!

2. "Take responsibility". Everything you see you created yourself, even if it's ugly, it's your creation, take over, and look, and that now stands to change.

3. "Good morning". Recently one of my friend said that he loves to get up early, because this time she can dedicate to yourself. "I read a book or magazine and drink coffee, I feel good with myself, this time belongs only to me." I thought about how many years people unconsciously get up in the morning and even worse when they're angry. Make sure that you could give the good morning to your loved ones. Try a few days and you will see the result.

4. "The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts", said Robin Sharma, exactly. 21 day overwrite old, negative beliefs, change them to positive and form a habit of thinking differently. If there are no successful people, learn from those who leave the secrets in the network.

5. "Overcome division". Stop trying to separate her and husband, wife. If you have a pair, then you accept it fully, love it, that is. And if you can't love – release. While you are divided within yourself, you cannot be happy and rich. You're half.

6. "Achieve integrity." Be holistic – which means to accept what is, and ask people who are remodeling you to do the alteration yourself. And let himself be themselves. Week without judgment will lead to enormous results.

7. "Ask and take help," Pride is the other side of the low level of love for yourself, forgive yourself and others and allow me to ask a person close to you, do not be afraid to hear "no", it asked. And if I ask you to be able to help.

8. "Do not eat". Every one is completely free and don't owe anyone anything, even if it is your close. Let others live their lives, fulfilling THEIR dreams and aspire to achieve THEIR dreams. Do not unknowingly consume the resources of another person: time, money, awareness, energy, and talents. If you have something you take, remember that the law of karma, causality is the law according to which one must pay for everything.

9. "Aim for the partnership, as to the principle of the universe." Co-creation means part two. Where everyone matters and all are enriched. In creation, not consumption, because everywhere and always metabolism and increased energy. In nature there is no concept of "money," therefore be careful when interacting with others, you feel satisfaction, joy, happiness. If your contribution is a monetary and emotionally you are feeling, then the principle of partnership are violated, then you were given a limited resource.

10. "Give up control and manipulation." This world was not created in order to become a prison, let people live as they want. In this life nothing can be controlled, to insure and to manipulate, because there is no single approach, every moment changing plan, and it is built in accordance from what you wish it was you. This, of course, applies to conscious beings and not apes, who only do what satisfies their primitive needs.

11. "Do not look for stability in her spiritual death". Everything in nature changes, energy is constantly in motion, when it stops, so that was the end of something, and at the same time began something new. In nature there is no state of stasis and rest. In her harmonious movement. Change jobs, change habits, change your life while you are alive, move.

12. "Every day do 1 thing for my soul." Read a book, do some work, sew pillows, make a beautiful home. 1 the case for a week will bring 7 emotions happiness, but for a month – 30. A year – 365. And then you will understand what the meaning of it all.

13. "Love yourself. Love others, and those who can't love, let go with the words: "I do not choose". We are little we love ourselves, because more often than not, whole life is spent on those around us, we do not allow ourselves to live as I want, and not all can accept. But we can afford to choose and to let others have such a right, moreover, that is not us is it given.

14. "Never deprive yourself of the right choice." Even if you choose for you, within yourself, save your solution, the time will come and it will grow flowers of joy.

15. "Gradually remove the life of someone else's desires and goals and write a list of THEIR desires." Only then will your and not someone elses, which is home to millions of people on earth.

16. "Don't settle for anything less than the best idea, the most beautiful thing, the most desirable feeling." Don't settle for what is given to you from the sensation of lack, look for what you can afford to be happy. Want more, aspire for more, listening to the heart. If there is no response, it will not make you happy, a new car or another waste of money. The same will not make you happy dress, bought on a limited budget, buy something that will bring joy.

17. "Accept with gratitude what is" and dream big! Every day write 10 gratitudes to the world and bless the place where you live, then the sun will delight us every day! And, of course, dream, don't listen to those who do not believe in dreams! A man without a dream is dead, ask yourself, are you still alive? published

Author: Anna Timoshkina P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki




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