15 career steps that need to be done before the New year

How to make a career leap a week before the holidays, says psychologist and author of The Muse Suzanne Gelb.

Finally December — the end of a long, busy year. From your letters it is possible to construct novel. You have spent thousands of hours at the computer. And probably several dozen hours in traffic jams. Now you deserve the opportunity to relax and unwind!

But wait. Before wrapped up in a blanket and turn on the TV, think, is it worth it to go into a long hibernation. Whatever your situation at work, in the last days of December may be something to take to the new year fitter and more productive, and in life came clarity.



Here are 15 useful steps that will help your career. They can get done before the holidays.

1. Record your victoryMake a list of 10 of your main professional achievements over the past year. The next time you update your resume, paste them in there. Employers like it when people tell not about "duties", but about achievements.

 2. Congratulate someone else with career successWhen you are together with others celebrate their victory, secured feeling that you are positive, encouraging people. And such right to any employer.

3. Spend a little redesignand Order new business cards. Think about how to alter your personal website.

4. Clear your mail, Delete old emails, archive that is not needed now. And then unsubscribe from all those newsletters that devour your time.

5. Send a card or letter of thanks toRemember a colleague, a boss, a mentor who helped you or inspired you this year. Let this person know that you appreciate his or her help and inspiration. Of course, you can write an e-mail. But it is better to write a letter by hand on paper. That note simple and decent way to let people know that you consider them special and strengthen your professional relationships.

6. Read how to bring your resume to perfection They bring the right work for you. Can correct summary, but sometimes it's easier to make new from scratch.

7. Buy table where you can work, stofato huge health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You should speak with your office Manager about whether it is possible to buy this at your office.

8. Re-organize your work spaceRemove all unnecessary things. Add something beautiful. Write your own short Manifesto and attach it over the table.

9. Return to healthy sleepMany people chronically enough sleep, and the result is clear: they come to work still intoxicated. The more you relax, the more clearly and productively you work.

10. Look for yourself in GoogleWrote something unpleasant on social media? Left the comments in the blog, which is uncomfortable? And that video that you uploaded on YouTube in 2009, it is still here? Put yourself in the place of the employer: make your traces online made a good impression.

11. Upgraded our presence on LinkedInTo begin with, it is necessary to add a personal message when you invite people to join your network. You will be surprised — very few do, so you immediately begin to stand out.

12. Refer 6 people you want to connectAgree to drink coffee with them in the first week of January.

13. Select the skill you want to improve in 2016,Whether it be public speaking, time management or copywriting. Sign up for a workshop or a course that motivates you. Plan how you will develop this skill. Mark the time on the calendar right now.

14. Read the business classicsSuggest "the Seven habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey and "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Or subscribe to some sensible podcast, if you don't read very much.

15. Write your plan for next yearThink about what you need to plan to bring your career to a new level — whether it's a new job or new projects for the current job. Maybe we should tell friends that you are willing to change. Maybe you need to do something to get finally the promotion. In General, understand how it should happen.

But if you have time to do only one thing? Then be sure to re-establish contact with people you admire. Strengthen your network of professional contacts. Write a letter of thanks, send a card — this can have a surprising impact on your career.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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