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Due to the surprisingly rich and rich composition of red chili pepper has been successfully used in folk medicine for centuries, conventional medicine also uses it in his practice – we all know pepper tincture and capsicum plaster.

This pepper contains a lot of carbohydrates, eating proteins and even some fats among them fatty acids; dietary fiber; vitamins – beta-carotene, A, b, E, C, K, PP; minerals – potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. Calories in pepper is, although small – about 40 kcal per 100 grams.

Not everyone also knows that of vitamin C in hot pepper far more than other fruits and vegetables, considered as its major sources: for example, in 100 g Bulgarian red pepper its about 93 mg, while this hot pepper – almost 144 mg.


Properties of red hot peppers

About the history and properties of the pepper can talk forever, but we will try to tell about its use for medicinal purposes.
Mentioned pepper patches great help to treat colds, pain in joints and muscles, arthritis, rheumatism, bruises, tincture of red pepper used in these and many other diseases, such as rubbing, for example with influenza this allows you to avoid dangerous complications.

When you eat hot peppers as food and as a healing agent the body releases more endorphins, neytralizuya the effects of stress and decrease pain of a different nature; pepper improves liver function and digestion as a whole; lower "bad" cholesterol in the blood, purifies and strengthens blood vessels; stimulates the circulation process, including brainstorming – recommended to use it inside for that purpose; facilitates the condition of patients with the flu, sore throat, cough, bronchial asthma; prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis; improves vision and bone health.

A very important feature of hot red pepper – the ability to slow down the development of cancer: this is most clearly seen in the treatment of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Probably many have heard about capsaicine – natural antibiotic, in large quantity contained red peppers – this is the substance that gives peppers heat and bite, destroys cancer cells and malignant tumors are significantly reduced.

It, however, is not about cancer treatment pepper, and its use as an auxiliary and preventive medicine, and apply it should be under a doctor's supervision – hot pepper works, provided a sufficient quantity for 1 kg of weight. Overdose can also cause cancer cells, on the contrary, aktiviziruyutsya, so better get used to eat hot peppers regularly and gradually, by adding it to a variety of dishes – this will ensure the prevention of the disease.

This use will gradually lead to the fact that the body will be very little harmful bacteria and viruses – they will get you a party.

Antimicrobial properties of pepper contribute to the destruction of living in our gut pathogenic flora – it's no secret that today it often takes up the space where it should live beneficial bacteria that comprise the body's immune defenses.

In some countries the juice of fresh hot red pepper is used for hypertension and angina: it takes both, but you should start with just a few drops, you might need to seek the advice of a skilled homeopaths. By the way, the official medicine does not deny the fact that the consumption of red pepper reduces blood pressure.

Thanks to capsaicin hot red pepper is also considered a great way to maintain a healthy weight: it stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, helping the body flush toxins and break down fats.

Treatment red chilli

In cosmetology pepper is also used: it is added in cosmetic oils, lotions and creams – this means rejuvenate and firm the skin, increasing blood circulation. Toothpastes with the addition of pepper is useful when weak and bleeding gums.

When severe colds and acute conditions take freshly ground pepper mixing with honey 1:1, 1 h. L. 3-4 times a day with water – such a mixture has a diaphoretic, antipyretic and expectorant action.

Accept and alcohol tincture of pepper:

the pods are crushed and pour 90% alcohol 1:10, insist week and filter. Take 10-15 drops with water (50 ml) for 15 minutes before eating. If alcohol is taken instead of vodka, then poured pepper in the ratio 1:7 and insist about 3 weeks. This same infusion is used externally – for example, at a cold: moisten several layers of cheesecloth capsicum tincture, wrap your feet, wear thick wool socks and go to bed. For greater effect, over the gauze, you can optionally wrap the foot in cling film.

As friction with colds and pains in the joints used oil-kerosene tincture: grind in a meat grinder pepper (10 pods), pour a mixture of vegetable oil and kerosene (1 Cup), and in 10 days put in a warm place. RUB the night in the chest, back, sore spots, and wear warm clothes.

Some pharmaceutical companies produce ointments with red chilli, but it is possible to prepare such the ointment and home.

— It is necessary to mix in an enamel pot ground red chili pepper (½ tsp), a 30%-ing alcohol tincture of propolis, glycerin, turpentine (1 tsp.) and clove essential oil (2-3 drops), heat everything in a water bath, while stirring, until a homogeneous mixture, then remove and use for rubbing. Apply at night, when osteochondrosis, dislocations, bruises, sprains, neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, inflammations of muscles and joints, respiratory diseases, etc.

For colon cleanse can be 2-3 times a day to eat a little powder of red pepper rolled up in a piece of bread: it can help even the formation of blood clots – in many cases they resolve.

To prevent premature aging and to rejuvenate the body take the mixture of red pepper (1 tsp), honey (200 g) and oil (500 g). Butter is better to take olive, first cold pressing; take a mixture of 1 tbsp 4-5 times a day. After 3 months the course can be repeated.

Red hot chilli pepper in cooking

As for cooking, here's a red hot chilli pepper is used very widely, but it is very often used incorrectly. No need to add pepper to the finished food is not a condiment, and spice, so it is necessary to enter in the meals in the cooking process, at least for 5-10 minutes until tender.

In acute diseases of the liver and kidneys, stomach ulcers and 12-duodenal ulcer, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases red hot pepper should not be consumed. published


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