9 incredibly simple and effective ways to cleanse the body with lemons

In the last few years, people began to pay more attention to their nutrition and health, there is increasing interest in individual rehabilitation. We are constantly searching for recipes, products and any information about what they eat, just to look and stay healthy as long as possible.

Today we offer you to try to cleanse the body using a normal lemon! Following these simple rules, you will soon notice great results.


1. Smoothie with lemon for Breakfast

The fact that Breakfast is the most important meal for the whole day — not a myth. The food with which you begin the day determines the rate of metabolism, makes the digestive system and gives tone to the whole day. A great solution a good start to the day with a smoothie from fruits, vegetables or berries where you want to add a little fresh lemon juice or grated peel.


2. Seasoning salt instead ofMany dishes you can make taste better, if you fill them with lemon juice. Don't automatically reach for the salt and sprinkle better grated zest. So you will get a pleasant sour taste.


3. Tonic for the beginning of the dayIf your body needs a significant cleaning, this tonic will have fast and effective impact. In a glass mix the juice of one lemon and half a teaspoon of honey, add a pinch of Cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar and cold clean water. Tonic you need to drink as soon as you Wake up.


4. Salad dressing

Set aside the mayonnaise, mustard and other condiments ready. Mix a little lemon juice, a little honey and olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste, or don't add salt-pepper at all.


5. Remedy for skinIf your skin suffers from slagging of the body, make a special ointment from the juice of linoma and turmeric. Just mix these two ingredients and apply directly to problem areas.


6. Lemon watera Glass of cold water with lemon to improve digestion and will provide excellent cleaning result. Add cut slices of lemon and cucumber in water and drink when you want to drink water. Can give the drink to pre-infuse.


7. The Union of lemon and ginger

Lemon and ginger will provide maximum detoxification. In the juicer squeeze the juice of two lemons and root ginger (approx 5 cm in length). Drink the juice in one gulp. Especially good this drink in the cold weather and winter.


8. Lemon teado you Drink regular black tea, green or herbal, the lemon will appear to any of them by the way. Squeeze some lemon juice into a mug or add a couple of slices — and so, and so it will be great. Not only delicious, but also useful.

9. Juice lemonFresh juice is the right solution for every healthy diet. Strengthen health-improving effect, laying in the juicer along with the vegetables and lemon.

What is a lemon after all the wonderful citrus! Delicious, healthy, and drug — a miracle.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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