A special man, who can not let go

Yes, we human beings are all equal. But not all men are equally valuable. Some obviously better than others.

Even more simple argument: some guys are clearly better cope with the role of a loving partner than others. Some, on the contrary, not doing anything besides work. This, however, does not mean that the first and second type can coexist in the same person.

All people develop and change over time. Our character is formed under the pressure of trial and error, meet us on life's journey. There are quite a few characteristics which make a man great man.But there are many qualities that make a guy an outstanding man in the eyes of his beloved woman.


Here are the 12 most important qualities for a guy who need love and who need to stay. If caught — don't let go.


1. When he looks at you he really looks at you.If a man looks you straight in the eyes, creating an invisible tube that connects the two of you, he is actually trying to see your soul.

He's trying to get an idea about the person who lies behind your eyes. He wants to understand your true essence and what makes you who you are. He wants to know if his soul comfortable next to your.

In fact, such an opinion is a Declaration of love. Especially if you catch it for yourself every day. If your man looks at you that way, consider yourself lucky.


2. He's a good man; it's not.Men are usually very aggressive creatures. They are always trying to position themselves above all others. There are also weak men who avoid responsibility and confrontation at any cost. And you'd probably want to stay away from both types of men.

But there are the type of guys who manage to combine strong leadership traits with compassion and warmth. It is men who can love with all my heart, but it is extremely aggressive and brutal in combat. They don't start fights, but finish them.

If a man combines both the power and compassion, never let go of it.

 3. He's working his success.To live a good life, you need to achieve professional success. You don't necessarily need to become a millionaire or a world champion, but a small number of success in life will not make you proud of your life.

Success is like everything else in life — has a long and winding road. To succeed required patience and perseverance.The paradox of wealth: slower than moving to the target, the higher the likelihood that you will achieve it. If you have a man who understands this truth at a subconscious level, treasure it as the most precious thing you have.


4. He has incredibly ambitious dreams, but he stands firmly on the ground.What woman doesn't want to get in one person and the dreamer, realist and modest? This must be the ideal of any man: he wants to reach the stars, but understands that so far can only get the moon.

However, it will not allow someone or something prevented him to realize their ambitions. And won't let his ego prevent him to enjoy their interim successes.

These guys never cease to do everything possible to improve his life — and his partner. And they never promise what is not in a position to give you.



5. He knows how to cook.Let's be honest... a Man that knows what to do in the kitchen is very sexy.

This is the coolest thing in terms of sexual attractiveness can only be a man who cooks according to its own recipes and always chooses healthy foods.


6. He is physically active.His physical activity is, most likely, either way, that makes him physically attractive. It's corny, but much easier to regularly want a man who regularly looks after himself and works on himself.

You must take into account that the peak of their sexuality, all people reach adolescence. If your guy stays physically active as you get closer to 30-35 years, what could be better?


7. He's confident, but not arrogant jackass. He's a little cocky, but not too much.If you find an intelligent, wise, but at the same time a little harsh man, it is definitely worthy to be the guardian of your happiness. It talks back to you, of course.

A little bit of daring men really attracted to women, but only as long as the confidence does not turn into excessive self-confidence.

We are biologically programmed to appreciate power in all its manifestations.


8. He has a unique ability to make you laugh and smile.If you are in a relationship with a guy who is not able to make you laugh or lighten the mood in difficult times, stop them right now. I must be honest in relation to myself: to live with a man without a sense of humor will be very difficult.

The more often you "light up" with laughter next to your man, the better.


9. He tells you that he loves you, although it's redundant: you already feel is true.

Words are of great importance. However, actions are more important than any statements, ideas, concepts, and intentions... all that matters is to spend the time and effort. Therefore, men must be judged on their actions, not words.It's great when your man tells you he loves you. Because everyone likes to hear that. Better yet, his actions speak for themselves. And you never doubt that he loves you really.


10. He is ready to abandon the latter for the sake of argument the world.People argue. The pair argue. Each partner always has a set of arguments. And in a dispute, everyone wants to win, because winning makes us feel better, more confident. That's why we usually end up standing on his own, even to the detriment of themselves and relationships.

Sorry, to argue with a confident man is usually impossible. But if your man is willing to end the dispute before it wins, it means that love for him is more important than truth. Isn't it wonderful?


11. Whenever you need a helping hand, he hands it to you.Again: the value of action and specific actions cannot be overemphasized. Love for men is much more simple and understandable than it is for you. Men take care of those I love. They help them. And do everything possible to keep them happy. Point.


12. Without you, he loses himself; You have become a part of it, so he wants to become a part of you.When a man loves a woman, he wants it all belonged to him. We are not talking about her body and her mind. A real man ready to break in half, just to be sure that his woman thinks about it a little more often than usual. That's why it's really important to be a part of what she likes, considers important and what he believes in.

When a man loves a woman, he sees all the little details of her life as their own. They change his Outlook.

All that is important to her becomes important to him. He is ready to adapt to the habits of their women to change.

The man in your life loves you so much that he is ready to tear the world to pieces, if only it met your expectations. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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