5 men, through which you pass before you meet him

It's like in a computer game: first you need to go through several levels and collect points to get the main prize. On the way to It usually cost 5 types of men:




The interesting thing about this type is that during the relationship these guys seem utterly emotionless. And that is what can be the cause of your separation. But after the break it breaks. Tears of recognition, all the accumulated emotions that cost to make before. It could be a panic attack, and maybe for real.

Ninety three million one hundred seven thousand two hundred ninety five



Are caught even the most careful of girls. Cheaters, liars, womanizers. Don't blame yourself for what you've fallen in love with someone – they know how to skillfully hide their true face. Important in this is that you finished it. Not allow themselves to be manipulated, remaining with him or returning to him. If your inner voice says he's an asshole, so. Love yourself more to have enough determination to escape. It can make you feel awful, to the point that you decide that themselves to blame. But soon you will see that you deserve better.




Hysterical. Once you tear, it will begin to suffer, to grieve, to come to you with tears, to scream under the Windows. It will score the work, will say that nothing makes sense without you. He might even be able to blackmail you that they will commit suicide or come up with other nonsense. The worst thing about this – pity. Not worth.




He will just disappear. Stop answering calls and texts. Lost, without words. He's just a coward.


The one you lit destiny.


It happens – like you are all going, but life circumstances force you to leave, you go in different directions. It could be work, could be parents. When each of you understands that just did not come, not now.

Fifty three million four hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred forty three


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