This drink get rid of kidney sand

Rocks and sand in the gall bladder and kidneys are the natural result of the failure of the body to withdraw the accumulated inorganic calcium formed as a result of the use of concentrated starches and sugars.

The gallbladder is directly linked with the liver and blood flow through the bile duct the duct and liver. All the food you eat breaks down in the digestive tract, and the contained elements are carried by the blood to the liver for further processing. No grain or flour concentrated products can not be fully used for recovery of cells and tissues in particular if they fire deprived of vitality. However, these elements must pass through the liver; and among these elements present calcium. Such molecules of calcium insoluble in water.


Living organic calcium is needed throughout the body, and the calcium is the only form of calcium that is SOLUBLE in water can ONLY be obtained from raw, fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices.

Such calcium passes through the liver and completely absorbed. Calcium, available in all concentrated starches and sugars, been exposed to fire — the inorganic and insoluble in water. So, this inorganic calcium is foreign to the body element and as such at every opportunity removed blood flow and lymph. First convenient place to discharge inorganic calcium is the bile duct, prenotasi it in the gallbladder.

Next convenient place are the so-called dead ends of blood vessels either in the abdomen that causes swelling, or anus (back passage), forming hemorrhoids. The inorganic calcium atoms passing through these cavities, usually reach the kidney.


With the constant use of bread, cereals and flour products are gradually increasing the amount of accumulated inorganic calcium formed sand and stones in these organs. The removal of these formations surgery (except emergency cases), it is not always necessary. Reasonable use of natural ways to achieve the best results.

The use of the juice of one lemon with a little hot water several times a day and half a Cup of a mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juice 3-4 times a day will help the disappearance of sand and stone for several days or weeks (depending on the number and size of stones).published


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