Tbilisi endangered species — a life without tinsel and sequin

It is clear that globalization and the capitalist spirit take their toll, but the old soul is still left. Standing just a few steps to move away from the tourist trails and in front of you life without tinsel and glitter. With patios and laughter of children. One hundred -two hundred year old house. Beautiful decaying old boy. And nearby crashing of buildings.

Ten years ago, there lived enthusiasm. The road was cleaned. Through Kuru pulled the cable for the backlight. I also remember a huge number of flowers in the flower beds.





Rustaveli Avenue (similar to St. Lenin in Russian cities)


Maybe the trouble is the tourists. Ten years ago this was not flood as it is now. Rent a car without a driver was problematic. Now the city walk crowd of foreigners.


Tourism, he is — with a double nature. On the one hand, due to him living. For many it is almost the main source of revenue. On the other hand, the appetite comes while eating. Tourism affects the culture itself. And often not in the best side.

It would be a shame if the younger generation of the Georgians, yielding a hard expansion the values of capitalism, does not want to be like their fathers and grandfathers in kindness and hospitality. Dollar coin ringing, desirable. But, unfortunately, takes away the soul

Photo from Tbilisi Daily Photo, and Yomadic's blog Sharing the Globe.

Tiflis, the good old slowly disappears... And the lucky one who took it that way. published

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