How to make a dark room lighter

The amount of daylight in the room is a very important component of comfort and well-being. Unfortunately, the Central problem of the lack of sun and natural light is relevant in many residential and office buildings: a chronic lack of sun and daylight negatively affects our performance, health and mood. We have prepared some tips on how you can solve this problem.

How to increase the amount of daylight in the room?

There are practical techniques that not simply create the illusion of a brighter space, and actually increase the illumination. All of them are somehow connected with the Windows, specifically, removing all the excess from the surface of the glazing. All opaque objects, closing window glass, reduce the amount of incoming light into the room just as much as their area covers the area of the window. Transparent objects also occlude the room, but to a lesser degree.

Curtains, Drapes, pelmets can greatly reduce the flow coming into the room with natural light, if you close even a small part of the window. Our expert advises: "do Not use dark, heavy fabrics and massive curtains. Better to hang a sheer lightweight tulle pastel shade, which will make the interior more airy and light."

Think if you can hang the curtains so that they cover the least possible area of the window, or even replace them with lighter, bright and clear?

Tulle and blinds, fully closing the window, hold large amounts of daylight. If you live in a very dark room, do you need these decor elements? You may be able to do without them, thus increasing the level of illumination.

Mosquito net. If you have a window with mosquito net green in colour, replace it with white — it will pass more light. Don't forget to regularly change the mesh because they quickly accumulate dust and dirt that prevent the penetration into the room not only light but also fresh air by ventilation.

Any other items covering the window too large potted plants or an excessive amount of flowers on stands and in hanging pots, on the windowsill warehousing major things and everything else that largely closes the window surface and prevents the ingress of daylight into the room. Consider whether you need all of these items and whether it is possible to place them somewhere else?

Balcony. Most often the darkest room in the apartment – the one where there is a balcony. In addition to objective reasons for the shading, there are things that can be corrected. Sometimes on the balconies of items which obstruct the window and block the access of daylight into the room. Someone decorates balcony glazing shutters, which also adversely affects the illumination of the room. The same goes for drying clothes on the balcony. Try to exclude all these factors.

Washing Windows. Everyone knows that dirt on the Windows makes the room darker, so do not forget about this effective way to add to the room a little light.

Mirrors, mirrored, and glossy surfaces. Visually expanding the space of the room, they reflect daylight and sunlight from the window, increasing the overall illumination of the room.

Ways to make the space visually lighter

Here are some useful tips on how to visually lighten the room with the help of certain design tricks:

  • Do not place in a dark room a lot of bulky furniture. It is important to pick such options, which will include the desired functionality, but not eat up valuable space. Replace the big and tall wardrobe for hanging, with mirror or glossy fronts, it is also possible to illuminate it from below. Such concealed lighting will visually lift the Cabinet and will make the design easier.
  • Use light furniture and only light finishing materials. Select plain Wallpaper a nice shade or smooth plaster. Excluded here large ornaments, vivid photo printing and color contrasts. Replace all texture and bulk materials on a smooth surface.

  • It is important to consider lighting in a dark room. Replace the Central chandelier for recessed lights and evenly place them in bright glossy stretch ceiling. Thus, you visually make the room not only bright, but also more spacious.
  • In the work area and the reading areas hang a sconce or place a floor lamp — it will break lighting into groups, and make the interior more interesting and brighter.
  • A dark floor will also play in your favor — in a dark room make it light; doors can be too bright, differ slightly in hue.

Author: Irina Kirsanova


P. S. Qualitatively change the design of any room will help the sound equipment, which will create a pleasant background sound, atmosphere and soundtrack of any level of complexity.



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