2 the principle of treatment for abuse of love

Why treatment of love? Love is a beautiful thing! Is self love, maternal and paternal love, the love of truth. But, usually when you ask a question, I mean erotic love — the love between a man and a woman.

The need for such love is necessary. For example, you need a partner of the opposite sex and you, of course, it needs to achieve. But if happiness in your life can only provide a specific woman named Lena, by the name of Ivanov-Bochkina, which for 27 years and so on, this is abuse love she can be treated. To get rid of her difficult, but very real.

Even the great Ovid described in his book "the Cure for love" it is the devastating feeling that many take for love. In this work, you may come across these words: “This is not the case, if unworthy girls I the young man from beneath the ceiling rafters”. His first and perhaps main Board the izbavlniya abuse of love — “Business loans and the yield to love!”

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I suggest we stick to two principles in the treatment of abuse of love:


1. Full lifelong abstinence from the object of love. I think that in explaining this principle does not need.


2. The rise of the object of love. And here let me explain. Love breeds in mind, and therefore, you need to raise above. Doing business, you grow and climb up, then abuse love descends into the chest, you continue to grow it it turns out you already in the stomach, then gets to the pelvis, and then you just go to the toilet and wash away this love down the toilet. More to the object of the abuse of love you will never return.

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Speaking about the abuse of love, you need to understand that your love object has some qualities that you need and when you acquire them, the need for a partner you have will disappear. A simple example — you are a car without wheels, and your partner wheel. The car without wheels you can not go, no matter how high-quality and powerful it was. And when the partner dies, you will not be able to move until you acquire your own wheels. This is the difficulty for many people — they stay in place, instead of moving on in life.


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If for some reason a love partner away from the psychologically healthy person, the second disaster will not happen. On the contrary, he thanked former partner for joint life and find out why he left, what qualities he lacked. And then he starts to have a set of these qualities, will be released at a higher level of development, where he will meet a new partner or partner. published 


Author: Michael Litvak


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