How to build an energy efficient house

The location of the house

The location of the cottage on the site depends on how well the building will retain natural heat.

The North wall is better to make the most deaf and have there business area: walk-in closets, pantry, guest WC, Laundry room. Things are good at keeping you warm, so the walk-in closets and the utility room hinder, house-breaking cold coming from the North wall. If you really want to see the light in the window, let it be small and dull, for example, round.

In the Eastern part of better positioning bedroom. The sun in the morning light with its rays the room will help to Wake up in a good mood. Breakfast is also better in a pleasing atmosphere, so the kitchen can be positioned on the ground floor, under a bedroom.

In the West, people usually spend the afternoon. So, here it is possible to design a library and dining room.

On the South side of dream plants. Lately it has become fashionable to break the kitchen garden, fruit garden. So why not do it in the southern part of the cottage, a greenhouse for vegetables, diluting such utility decorative plants? – get a hybrid of the winter garden and garden greenhouse. In this part there will be appropriate study, nursery, playroom, room for elderly parents and all who suffer from temporary or prolonged depression. Let positive charges.


The glass area of the house can vary the number of Windows, their shape and size depend on personal preference. But caring about energy saving, glass can "play".

The North wall is a blank or glazed a minimum. But on South-facing glazing may be the maximum, because this part of the house stores heat, and thus reduces power consumption.

Deaf tight Windows and keep the heat better because of the swivel. They can be installed where there is opportunity to wash the glass out without causing industrial climbers. For example, the second sash in the double window on the ground floor or the middle of the sash in a triple window on the second floor.

Windows in the entrance area can also be deaf, since they can be washed from the outside, not climbing on the ladder. A nice bonus: blind window cheaper swivel.

However, there are locations where you want the most expensive form of window – hinged with the function of airing. This is for the bedroom, dining and kitchen. In the "winter ventilation" window is opened quite a bit, but this is enough to ventilate the room, not zastudil it.

According to SNiP 2.08.01-89* a RESIDENTIAL BUILDING the ratio of the area of skylights living rooms and kitchens to the floor, as a rule, should not exceed 1:5,5. The minimum ratio is 1:8. According to the norms of insolation the sun should illuminate the room at least 2.5 hours. For roof Windows, in accordance with building regulations, the glazing area shall not be less than 10% of the area of illuminated space.

The walls of the house

Times thick stone walls are fading. Now popular modern efficient materials. For example, in Germany, where it is constantly conducted technological innovations created by the technology of the casting and the formation of blocks of mass "cement – binder – crushed and recycled debris (cellulose)".

In our country this technology has not yet come, so it is widely used vibro blocks that do not require external decoration, blocks from easy concrete. Block walls insulated. If the total (with insulation) the wall reaches a thickness of 40-60 cm, it can be considered energy efficient.


To insulate the roof great stone mineral wool. This material protects the house from the penetration of cold air from above.


Often the projects are borrowed from a warmer Europe and America. These homes look very nice. However, they have one huge drawback – the lack of vestibule. The front door opens – and now the hall, combined with living room. In the Russian house the vestibule is mandatory – it is a buffer zone, which in winter do not miss the cold air in the room. In Russian huts, the role of the vestibule was performed in unheated canopy.


External blinds and awnings help to control the temperature in the house. For the convenience of their use can be automated. For example, in the summer when the sun bakes, the awning automatically extends, protecting the room from overheating. At the same time can be closed and blinds. This is a great alternative to air conditioning, which consumes a lot of power. Of course, if abnormal heat such accessories will not save, but the anomalies are rare in the rest of the time, the Marquis quite used to it. There are instances when home owners mounted awning over glazed Conservatory (winter garden). Indeed, if in the street +30 °C, when the total glazing in greenhouses to be impossible.



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