The city of the future. Bradford: The Bright Building is a building that produces oxygen

Green construction is one of the main trends in the development of the most modern and developed cities of the world: London, Toronto, Singapore.

It implies the creation of buildings and their operation with minimal impact on the environment, energy efficiency, constant growth of quality of construction and comfort of the internal environment. Confirm the green status of the building through certification according to international standard, the most popular in Europe is the BREEAM standard. He was born in the UK in 1990, during the General course of development towards green economy because of legislation and high tariffs for energy resources. But over time, the construction of buildings according to the BREEAM standard has gone beyond the country and became popular in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, China, Turkey, Poland, Germany and even USA.

In all countries, except the UK where BREEAM mandatory for the construction of municipal facilities and housing, "green" certification is the good will of the developer. At the same time, in each of the countries listed use in the building of the technologies covered by BREEAM, allows the building owner not only to be responsible towards the environment, but also significantly save on operating costs.

One of the most striking examples of modern green architecture Bright Building University of Bradford, built in the homeland of BREEAM in the UK, in Bradford. For international awards BREEAM Awards 2016 in the category of buildings of education and science Bright Building University of Bradford the highest in the history of the award the rating of 95.2%. What is this building so interesting?

Today, The Bright Building is the world's largest structure, almost entirely created from natural or recycled materials: lignified stems of plants, organic concrete from plant materials and lime. Like other plant products, the concrete absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Just imagine, every square meter of the walls absorbs so much CO2, how much person produces 4.5 hours of breathing in a calm state – 110 kg.

Building construction cost 6.5 million British pounds. It was created 7 years worked famous UK architectural Bureau Farrel&Clark. One of the requirements for the architects was to create a project that will not only be the object of architecture, but at the same time a training manual for students. Its mission is to promote in young minds the idea of synergy of science, technology, engineering and exact Sciences, on which is built the philosophy of the University.

What is the effect of "green" technology brings Bright Building almost during the operation of the building? First, high energy efficiency. Total electricity consumption is 30kWh / m2 per year, which is responsibly towards the environment and also very profitable economically in the UK, where electricity rates are among the highest in Europe – about 20 cents/kWh. Efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the building has no Central gas supply and electricity.

Central communications is an innovative passive solar design uses South of the wall for the accumulation and redistribution of warm air masses. Solar chimneys (Solar chimneys) provide natural ventilation, heating and lighting, and photovoltaic panels help heat pumps work. For emergency cases, the building provides the connection to the self-generated private electricity network of the University.

Secondly, the building environmentally friendly for people and environment: natural ventilation, recycled or natural materials for interior finishing, the system will collect rainwater and heating it with solar thermal energy, use exclusively led lamps and T5 fluorescent lamps. Thirdly, through the use of kostrobeton the building is an oxygen generator.

Pioneers of green building exist in Ukraine. In August 2016 BC АSTARTA was the first in Ukraine certificate of green building BREEAM International 2013 (Interim). During the construction and further operation of BTS apply of environmentally friendly materials, advanced engineering, smart control systems, energy efficiency is 20% higher than the existing standard.

It is important to note, АSTARTA is more than a business centre, is a holistic business district. It is located at the intersection of Yaroslavl, Nizhniy Val and Naberezhno-Khreschatytska. It includes not only office buildings but also all the necessary modern inhabitant metropolis services – leisure club, shops, the area of household services, restaurants, cafes and many other services. ASTARTA is the first and only in Ukraine the business district with a private recreation area in the courtyard of the business center of the square, a fountain, terraces and lawn with sun loungers. published




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