$ 2 per month: energy bills the owners of energy-efficient homes in the UK

British architect Colin Usher, director of John McCall Architects , разработал for his family-energy house , Fitted with, among other things, solar panels. As a result, the building has turned out so energy efficient that owners pay for electricity accounts for only $ 2 per month.

Taken into account all the energy used for heating, lighting, water heating and cooking. In local currency, it turns out less than £ 15 a year. Note that the house equipped with solar panels is not somewhere in sunny California, and in the town of West Kirby in the county of Merseyside in the North West of England.

Concrete walls, triple glass windows, the correct location in relation to the cardinal, air source heat pumps using a heat pump and solar panels on the roof of the house allows to effectively retain heat and to obtain the necessary energy from renewable sources. In the year 3453 the house consumes kWh, of which - 3338 kWh of solar energy.

The principles laid down in the scheme of the house, known in Europe as «passivhouse» - is the German word means & quot; пассивный", in the sense of "energy-saving" house. Energy-efficient homes are considered, requiring no more than 10% of the energy needs of an ordinary house.

Reducing energy consumption is achieved primarily by reducing heat loss of the building. The architectural concept of the passive house is based on the following principles: compactness, quality and efficient insulation, lack of thermal bridges of materials and components joints, correct geometry of the building, zoning, orientation to the cardinal. From the active to the passive house techniques it is mandatory to use system ventilation with heat recovery .

Ideally, the passive house is to be an independent power system does not require the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature. Heating Passive House should occur due to heat generated by people living in it, and household appliances.

Construction of the house at a cost of the equivalent of $ 358,000 that the UK is well within reason. In addition, the UK, there are правительственные program subsidizing the owners of private houses, setting at the solar panels.

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