Nissan will produce the electric car for "alcohol" fuel cell

Nissan began development of fuel cell systems for electric vehicles that could run on ethanol (the basis of any alcoholic beverage). The new technology is called "e-Bio Fuel-Cell". This system will first be used in vehicles.

However, in this case the alcohol is not burned in the internal combustion engine. The system will work due to the energy of fuel cells is a technology that allows you to receive an electric current from hydrogen and oxygen directly at room temperature.

With the help of a special catalyst, the process is opposite to electrolysis, and the current efficiency of about 100%. Until now, this technology is not developed due to the fact that these systems were used as fuel hydrogen is unsafe.

Today has developed several commercial models of hydrogen cars (for example, ToyotaMiraiили Hyundaiix35 Fuel Cell) for which to build special filling. But now, Japanese engineers have learned to produce from the alcohol hydrogen to one catalyst.

New "green" machines Nissanсмогут to drive on 100% ethanol or mixture of ethanol and water, which are filled in the fuel tank.

"Ethanol fuel derived from sugar cane and corn, are widely available in North and South America and Asia," — said in a press release.

As for the carbon dioxide emitted during electricity generation, Nissan explained that it will be nothing more than remove from the atmosphere the sugar cane or corn during your cultivation.

Unlike traditional electric cars, cars on the technology of "e-Bio Fuel-Cell" will be able to have a longer stroke range comparable to machines on the internal combustion engine engines are more than 600 km.

"The ethanol-water mixture is safer than most other fuels. As it would not require an entirely new infrastructure, it has great market potential," says Nissan.

Operating costs, according to the company, will be "extremely low", along with today's electric vehicles.

With a view to commercializing new technologies by 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympic games, Nissan is going to launch the prototype of the "alcohol" of the car are expected this summer. published


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