You need to marry only those women with whom, if anything, not afraid to get a divorce

Remarks intelligent men about the relationship between men and women in the retelling of the woman.


The writer's life – a strange phenomenon, because there is any household episode can turn into a creative material, and you never know at what point the inspiration will catch you off guard and ruin your whole schedule.

Hardly I finished to write the next Chapter of the book and wondered what will be the next Chapter, as the phone rang. My old friend, with whom I communicate once in the year, this time explained his call by a strange dream with me in the lead role. The dream was absolutely not pornographic, rather, philosophical. The eyes of the main character was sad, as if she's with someone parted. I want to see that friend was absolutely not aware of my creative ideas and had no idea how the word "breakup" close to the theme of my current creations. Seminar "energy therapy – first aid for the wounds of love" has been formed content. Perhaps not enough of one part, like the cherry on the cake is the feedback from men and their opinions on the topic being discussed. And – voila!

If it were any other man, I would be surprised, but I respect this man more than a dozen years studying the topic of energy-sharing and even actively practised working with energy. So amazing insight just confirmed my guess about spiritual connection and energy alignment, which is not destroyed. Who else this man had to become an advocate for the male side, if someone of the readers resides in the prosecution phase of all men in the world in their emotional sores.

I will allow myself to summarize the position of his friend, drawing on recordings made during a telephone communication. Here the most striking part of this conversation.


Three men of wisdom

Wisdom first. "You need to marry only those women with whom, if anything, not afraid to get a divorce. Do you know what happens after a breakup? They also believe that men are traitors, and they're the victims. And even the most highly spiritual young lady, who seemed to be the guardians of morality, until you live with them, suddenly turn into witches and take revenge.

And this revenge becomes a terrible and sometimes gets out of control. Know how hard it is to know that she's not just hates, and even curses and wishes you dead?!

And this is the same woman who swore you in love! I love go into a relationship and break up – too in love.

But in such situations it is necessary to save women from themselves, for they know not what they do. Turns out, she needs to kill me, so she wasn't sad that I never married her. In such cases it is necessary to save the woman from herself, because in this state she does not realize that he was doing, and how dangerous the consequences of her hatred for her and her loved ones."


Wisdom second. "The most difficult thing in this situation – to help, don't rock the energy balance, in other words, not empathizing. As soon as you feel sorry for her, you immediately begin to tune out the crazy. It's inevitable resonance! While the resonance does not arise, there is some protection. What seems like coldness, actually not that other, as attempt to keep the balance."


Wisdom is the third. "I am convinced that they have to leave everything just for love. If you leave in a state of hate, the situation is analogous to pulling the suspenders – they then hit you with terrible force".


Three women misconceptions – from the point of view of men

The first fallacy – the desire to remain friends. "I can be her friend because I love her. She's my friend, and she is the enemy. And my name for her forever – One-Who-Not-Married. About any friendship of speech could not be, if between a man and a woman is not any simple human spiritual love".


The second misconception – the belief that all the fault of man. "Typical female mistake to shoulder the entire responsibility for the conflict on the man and the desire to arouse his sense of guilt, and then to pump the energy on the principle of "a black sheep even a tuft of wool".

For example, one day I took her home and all the way silently listening to her accusations. And when we pulled up to the entrance, I quietly asked, do I need to get her to her apartment. In response to this phrase, she exploded: "of course, I'm not even worthy to escort me to the apartment!"

I am sure that in the stairwell, not waiting for a maniac, there fairly light and safe. But the attempt to impose on me the feeling that I offended her best feelings is very unpleasant"


The third misconception of unbelief in the efficacy of "peace talks". "How many times have I told her: "Go instead to radiate negative energy, you sit there and talk. You tell me how you loved me, what did you expect from me and what is not received. And I'll tell you what I was looking for and not received. Then the picture of our relations will be more complete".

But no, she's not ready to talk, she again feels anger, and bargaining is impossible. What a pity! The expression of their feelings and an opportunity to be heard is very important. Even if you decided to leave, it will help breakup become a beautiful culmination of the love story."


Three male Council woman dealing with a crisis in relations with the man

The Council first. "Abandon excessive demands. It demands, not needs. Male logic is as follows: even if you give a woman everything she requires, not the fact that you will get in return exactly what you yourself need as a man."


The second tip. "Be water. Often the harmony in a relationship with a woman based on the ability of men to endure her moods, to accept it for what it is, to indulge her whims, put up with its shortcomings, that is, in fact, to wrap around her "sharp corners" and gradually "smooth surface". But this property of the Yin energy, feminine qualities. Then I no longer feel yourself a man".


The third Council. "Do not repeat the same mistakes, try to learn from experience. If women knew their place and men knew what their task, the problems would not arise. But we repeat the same mistakes. In the Vedas it is written: "You are chewing the chewed". The development in the relationship – is the use and processing new information, learning new skills."


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Sexologist Alexander Poleev I was always amazed at how women believe men


And now I will tell you the most important thing. This men's idea seemed to me a real treasure, shedding light on some of the causes of conflicts between men and women.

"Men's wishes in relation to women can be denoted by the abbreviation ultrasound "comfort", "care" and "interest". Masculinity, value women, you can designate the other three CALL letters – "security", "security", "attention"".

My dear friends! I think it makes sense to heed the message.


Author: Lisa Peterkin


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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