How to start your day

As you begin your morning and day will pass. To quarrel early in the morning with home? Not a good plan. Hearty Breakfast? Better. But to spoil the day and other wrong morning habits. Tell them what not to do, and how to fix it.

It is not necessary:


Recently, the University of British Columbia conducted the study and found that people who are many times per day to check your email, have a much greater stress than those limited to a couple of times. Psychologist Joanna Kleiman: "If first thing in the morning you check your email, your day starts with a list of outstanding tasks, unanswered letters, disturbing messages. It turns out that the first wakes up your inner critic. It evaluates, judges and requires. The result is first thing in the morning, your body produces stress hormones".

Better to get rid of the habit of grabbing your smartphone from your bed. Leave it to charge in another room. Follow it only when you are fully awake, had cleaned up and had Breakfast. And then you can mail to read.


Of course, exercise at any time of the day is more useful than not to do, says Dr. Lara Carson, President College of sports medicine, University of New England. But if you train in the morning, then do your body a great gift. There is evidence that people who exercise in the morning, during the day and less pressure rises and they sleep better than those who engaged in the evening.


Nice, of course, to turn up the hot water on a winter morning. It's a reward for what you even got out of bed in this weather. But be careful: too hot shower unprofitable, in the winter it leads to dryness, irritation and dryness of the skin.

A long standing under a hot shower destroys the natural barrier of our skin, says dermatologist Stacy Salob. To understand that water is too hot for you, is very simple: in this case, the skin after a shower, covered with red spots. Do not stand under the shower for half an hour, wash faster! Use a mild gel with oils. Not as hard as you can to RUB the skin with a towel, quite wet.


If you are limited to a sweet bun with coffee, deprive themselves of the energy needed to live the rest of the day. "Empty" carbohydrates also provide energy, but she is quickly running out, said a representative of the American Academy of nutrition Isabel maples.And once they are digested, the level of sugar in your blood will drop sharply and you will feel drowsiness and hunger before lunch.

Add to your Breakfast protein and fiber, and a muffin better replaced by whole wheat bread. Then hunger will not come to you when they had finished Breakfast, and lunch and not even thought to begin.



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We have long been told that Breakfast is not very harmful, but many diehards continue to disregard these warnings. Nutritionists have calculated that if you do not eat Breakfast, then throughout the day eat more calories.

If early in the morning you're not hungry or you don't have time, break your Breakfast in several techniques. Before you leave home, eat something: for example, the protein product (cheese, cheese) or fruit. And later you can eat what you ate in the morning.

Good morning, everyone. published


Author: Ksenia Cooperatieve


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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