Why is one woman a man wants to be, but the other runs

There are women common. Whose house, fitness, husband or find a husband. Have a job, but nothing special, “like everyone else”. Take much time the children, if there are, or how and with whom these children to have if they are not.

Sometimes the movie without much enthusiasm. Occasionally – girlfriend, on the phone or in a cafe, too, without much joy. Something out of life, like books or theater, but to this no great interest, sometimes even annoyed that all this stuff takes time (and what woman so global busy?).

Man, developed, intelligent, active, which poses a great and ambitious goal, is a large-scale thinking, in relationship with such a woman will not enter or will seek to escape from them. A woman fills. She's bored with itself that it can give?

The man will not even disintegrate what is wrong, it just feels “wrong” and starts looking for “the” resource woman. It is difficult to judge. Everyone wants to be happy and makes it so.

Resource woman, forgive me men, survivors of mother complex, has an inner core. She has a clear self-concept: a clear understanding of who I am, what I am, what I want, what I like, don't like what I like, what I can not stand, what treasure that keeps me on earth how I want to be seen by others, what to do and what you want to achieve.

And it's not limited to procreation and upbringing of offspring. The latter is not exclusive, and therefore not particularly attractive. A man appreciates a woman who gave birth to and bringing up his children, but hardly able to keep him in the relationship. Holds more.

Female. The fact that many women deny it. Becoming socially implemented, some women lose the tenderness, the ability to give warmth and affection. Not all are able to accept another and to bestow love. Sweet for men femininity is deep, coming from a confident understanding of harmony. It wants to go in, to take, to calm down.

The fulfillment and social activity are not canceled, and even welcome. Mature, self-sufficient man wants to be proud of his woman. He wants to respect it. Soft and persistent in the attainment of its goals. Do not have to be the best at something, it is enough to be very enthusiastic.

To deal with, a hobby, exercise is very important. To be filled with personality is a must. To expand their knowledge and skills constantly. To have an idea about the different aspects of life and love its different manifestations. To love the world and people. Interested in this and that and something to love. Love the fact that the woman reflects, reveals what she finds herself. A man sees a woman through the prism of what she does.

Her achievements builds her self-esteem. Your confidence must be absolute. A woman should know exactly what is worthy of love and respect. Her self-concept will not allow self-esteem to fall. Temporarily, with someone in the sick relationship that the lessons to better understand yourself, but not to the destruction of personality and loss of Y.

Resource woman loves himself. Protects your body and your soul. Don't let go of passers-by. She has a lot of hold, so take care of the vessel is necessary. This is not an ordinary trip to the gym or the beauty salon, it is a deep understanding of one's own values and the need to care for themselves and take care of yourself. In resource woman built the dignity and self-respect.

Another resource is women field. Delicate matter. A woman is able to retain in his field a large number of people, has decent power consumption. She can do it by his intellect, his spiritual qualities, his business life and so on. It may have influence in society or influence in his family.But not “you and I, Yes we with you.”

Resource women are the galactic center: gather around them children, nephews, friends children, and nephews, neighbors and colleagues. They are the center of attraction for ideas and people. Men feel the potential and know that a woman can give a new impetus to the revolution, a new attitude and a transition to another level.

If every man a woman? No. Everybody didn't have. Resources are given to those who are willing to take, and knows what to do with them



The more you give the woman, the more you get from life

Women manifest nestruganye


Whether it is necessary to do everything for men? It is not necessary. Should develop yourself for yourself. Because you live. You must be tasty, interesting and varied. You long to live, you know? With or without Him, you long to live. And it should be at least exciting.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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